Under The Radar

08 Mar

“Laughter is the best medicine”

It’s a known fact that the above statement is extremely cliche, which most of the time is actually true. Before I experienced college life i didn’t really look into this statement, thinking that it doesn’t really apply to me as much as what I gave it credit for. Majority of not all would agree with me in saying that life before college is very carefree and easier wherein there isn’t much to think about and stress about, whereas in college everyday is jam-packed with requirements, deadlines and long exams, it becomes normal seeing someone always rushing along or panicking, breaking down and such. It is this deprivation of the smaller luxuries of life that one would truly appreciate and enjoy even the smallest giggles and smiles they share up to the wild “laughtrip” sessions they have to help them cope with all the tension he or she experiences. I myself long for this feeling every once in a while my little escape from the reality which is school.

I may not have been with the class in heading to the comedy bars but I believe that I’ve been to them enough times to have an idea how things work, so I chose to share how my first trip to a comedy bar went and hope it is enough insight to share with the others. So without further ado.

It was in the middle of last year, after a hard day’s work my family and I would of course seek a means to unwind and rest, one night though we tried something new and that was to visit my godmother, who then was living in Las Piñas, so we got there and saw my godmother rushing us into her car with an excited tone, we were invited to tag along with her and her friend who manages a comedy bar in well…Las Piñas. Since we were there we followed suit and it was an entirely new experience for me, I mean I’ve had my thoughts and assumptions about what happens in one but I never thought I would enjoy it as much.

And so we arrived there early since my godmother’s friend needed to set up everything for that night’s performance and we were given the choice whether to sit up front or next to the bar (it was a difficult decision 🙂 ). In the end we decided to sit by the bar next to the “free” food and drinks. As it got rather late at around 8:00 pm, people were starting to flood in, I never thought that comedy bars were this popular in fact i never thought they were in the first place, it seemed to me as if they don’t usually run at all. It was then i found out why there was such a commotion, at around 9:00 the lights started dimming, showing the nice back curtain adorned with glow-in-the-dark trinkets when the host or emcee (whatever :p) started introducing himself and his other fellow comedians. The host, along with the others, are the regular performers in this bar, they go about their usual routine and the others were introduced one by one. It was really fun and enjoyable then during the course of the performance until they started with the open stage part of the night, this was at around 11:30 pm and most of the people have been drowned in light alcohol food and of course sweet sweet laughter. At the request of the audience they would sing any song (they really DO have a wide repertoire of songs), impersonate any celebrity or welcome participants from the audience. That’s when they really amazed me, I know it’s not easy to perform requests on the spot and with great accuracy and poise, when they were asked to impersonate they did it so well. On that night I remember they impersonated Manny, Jinky and “Mommy” Dionisia Pacquiao, it was really funny because they were doing it so well as if they were the actual people, they were in character so well, having their own wacky scenarios as well as entertaining the audience suggestions. If they’re asked to sing, they’d sing their heart out as if it was in some major event or competition. It takes a lot of skill to improvise and execute it like they do on the spot, they weren’t even given time to rehearse, everything went ad libitum.

The happiness and ecstasy continued until the break of early morning at around 1:30 – 2:00 am was what made that night so eventful. From out of nowhere everything just went silent and then lights blacked out, when the lights turned on everyone was silent for a split second until someone broke the silence and started cheering happily clapping. It took me a while to realize what happened, on stage alone was none other than Vice Ganda. I have to admit I was starstruck, at least I always am when I see a famous personality. Needless to say the last few hours were most enjoyable.

Everyone was enjoying the show and all the different plot twists and such, having varying amounts of beer bottles on the table, the waiters always having to roam always ready for the sudden orders the people might have, since we were near the food I was able to notice how hectic it gets amidst all the fun and laughter, the people who work there are very serious about their jobs and they do it well. Like I said since the customers already took their share of some beer it took only a short while for the whole building to be filled with their joyous laughter.

The whole bar was filled with the laughter of the people who seem to have entered another world of their own, a world oblivious to the hectic stressful reality we live in everyday. A world where people can let go of their burdens and enjoy a night (and morning) away from reality, under the radar in their own laughter.

JL Oncinian 102779


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