Need A Break?

09 Mar

Amidst the stressful everyday life of person, one seeks for an escape to release all the stress. One can go to Enchanted Kingdom, for an entrance fee of 500, plus the transportation fee of around 500, and dive into a variety of fun rides like roller coasters or bumper cars. One can also hit the mall and shop or find spa resorts for massages and other relaxing things that may cost at around 300 or 500 at least. One can also go for physical activities like going to the gym, mountain-climbing or surfing or sports like basketball. Or one can also dwell into a simple laid-back stress-relief scenario by going on a trip to a comedy bar and sit back and listen to comedians throw their catchy punch lines, puns and jokes all night.

Last February 18, a handful of students from my SA21 class went to a field trip to Laffline Comedy Bar just here in Quezon City along Timog Avenue.  For the undiscounted price of 300, we sat down for around 4 hours listening to a group of proud and funny homosexuals crack jokes and puns directed towards celebrities, audience members and even amongst themselves. They started out with a throwback of witty sarcastic quarrels to each other, jokingly trying to prove who’s smarter with several backlashes of vulgar words in their comebacks that are obviously in their norm. It was their character and their delivery of lines that brought humor to anything that comes out of their mouth, kaya sobrang benta talaga sila.

It was part of their whole shindig to interact with audience members; casually they would go down the stage and converse with them and “attack” them in a playful manner.  The comedians were really notably bold and brave, easily throwing out playful insults and jokes.  They talk without boundaries and as they say, “Bawal ang pikon.” They even note the fact that the audience members ought to have food bought to their table, jokingly threatening to target their jokes to the people with less food in their table—a smart way to boost sales for the bar itself. It really struck to me how they have no limits as to what they say; they insult practically anyone even themselves, but they put it in such a playful manner that you find yourself surely laughing along.

They had fully mastered the art of laughing at your own self; they were truly comfortable as to what they were branded in—happy gay people. Their own knack for emphasizing their sexuality that eventually led on to sex-related jokes truly sold them, and also added to that is the fact in today’s world: sex sells. After starting with jokes that were mostly witty insults, later on in the night their jokes start to center on all things sex-related. Their sex jokes went from being about finding themselves in humorous situations with guys they met online and agreed to meet up with in motels for the back intention of having intercourse with, to their own humorous stories when they actually have intercourse with someone. They had jokes that relied heavily on maturity; in other words, there were times when they actually act out the action of having sex. Their sexuality or gender also played a part when they crack it up with sex-related jokes; they use their own bodies, character and genes to sell their jokes. One of the unforgettable jokes of one of the comedians that I can remember is having only half of the 300,000 pesos needed to switch his male organs (penis + balls) to a female organ (vagina), and so he ended up with having the female organ (vagina), but still having part of his male organs (specifically, his balls). As the comedians thrown their sex-related jokes one after another, you will certainly find the audience laughing along, with no real discomfort no matter how blunt and sexual their jokes were.

Although most parts of their act were their jokes where they were talking, playfully fighting and screaming at each other, they also had a few segments in which they sang; and if I may add, they sang pretty well. A performance that really deserved applause was a comedian’s rendition of Aegis’ Sinta; the comedian played along with it in such a way that it was as if both a male and a female were singing it. It was easily done by the comedian, since she had a decent male singing voice but she also had a great female voice that was able to carry high notes well—in playful terms, It was a real eargasm performance.

All throughout the night, the comedians make sure they kept the whole place in a happy mood. Although there were short breaks where we just had to listen to them sing, when they started talking and lashing out jokes; it was a line-after-line-after-line source of laughter for the whole bar. So if someone is seeking a chill, laid-back stress-relief aura for a night; a comedy bar is surely a great option.

Theresa Flores 101537


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