A Different Flavor

11 Mar

Seeing how all my classmates was able to attend at least a comedy bar or maybe join the trip to Enchanted Kingdom, I wasn’t able to do so. Instead, my experience was quite different. Happy? Absolutely. But gay? I don’t think so.

The event that I was able to attend to was the SOSE open house that happened last March 3 at the Ateneo de Manila University. It was filled with those freshmen that are taking into consideration going into the school as part of the School of Science And Engineering. Fortunately, I was able to take part in welcoming them to our own department, the ECCE department. Judging from how the freshies interacted with their so-called tour guides (whom are my friends). It’s nice to see them looking interested in how the school works.

There were a lot of speakers that showed the crowd what we do and what could they expect from joining the ECCE department. A lot of theses and their presenters interacted with the incoming freshmen and even how complicated their topics might have been, the look on the freshies’ faces and how they asked questions and looked to try out the developed devices makes it look as if they’ve already did what those fifth years worked on. Personally, I was a tour guide myself and got the chance to observe them even more closely.

Most of the freshies’ were shy, however those that were part of my group were high school classmates and looked to ask me a lot of questions. Not just about the school, but also what I personally do and my own look to my future in the school. Also, my friends’ groups had some interesting new kids in there as well. There were those that seemed really serious about seeing what they could do in the future, and there were those that just wanted to enjoy the moment. However, there were also some that seemed unweary of what they should do. And there were those that seemed really alone, they were listening but weren’t speaking as much as the others.

The experience that I shared with them was like having to converse with different kinds of people from different cultures. Those that were used to being friendly, those that were being focused on what is being presented and those that just doesn’t care and seem to just be there because their parents wanted them to do so. However, we, the tour guides wanted to keep them in touch as much as possible. To at least make them more interested in getting into the school. As what I’ve seen from what the other tour guides had incorporated to the freshies, I observed that experience could be one thing to really persuade a person to make a decision.

Most of the kids wanted to ask what we are going through and if we are enjoying our stay at the Ateneo. If we say a positive response from our own experience, they seem more interested and got a resolve to continue the course that they passed in the school. But if we share a negative experience, it seems they feel scared and is reconsidering the decision they are about to make. The attitude that we show though, even sharing those things that they might not like if they pushed through, still mattered. Most of the guides are jolly people and doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of stress or hardships that they are facing in their current course. The same course that those freshies might take in their college life, which encourages them to see that even how hard the course is, it’s the experience that counts. Even those people that seemed shy at first joined the conversation when we were starting to share experiences, and shared their own too.

This shows one thing that is true for whatever kind of a person one is. That experience is something that can really change how things work. It got those that do not speak much to tell their own story and it got to convince more people to make right decisions. It is because the experience is something that people might share. Those that have gotten through the same event, and they can find ways to overcome any hardships along the way from each other. Those kids showed great potential into being future engineers, the way they are curious about the things that are showed upon them, the way they wanted to discover more, the way that they wanted to experience the experiences that we once had. The way they act as a person can change from the experiences that they might go through in the future.

This event may not be as hilarious and exciting as those with the others, but it made me see one thing that I haven’t seen in a long time. Those people that just are open-minded to the things that they will face, and open to how others can change the decisions that they make. Those that have potential to be great people some time in the near future.

Judd Kristian I. Floriza, 104274

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