Gay Bar!…wait, where are all the gay performers… O_O I’m in the wrong place..

13 Mar

When I first stepped in the club, my initial idea of what a gay club was got shattered. Honestly, I was so shocked at seeing two straight muscular guys sexy dancing. I was like “are you sure we are at the right place?” When I first heard that we are going to a gay bar, what came into my mind, was gay people dancing, making jokes, using gay lingo and simply entertaining the audience. I’d imagine it being like the DollHouse here in Ateneo, where there would be lots of gay people entertaining people. I imagined the gay bar to be filled with people, laughing and just simply having a good time. However, I was so wrong. Apparently a gay bar doesn’t present gay people; instead, it caters to gay people and girls.

The program is simple. As a slow sensual song starts playing, two muscular gays would come out wearing a white top, usually a sando, super short shorts, a kneepad on one knee, and cowboy boots. They start their number by slowly and sexually moving their bodies. From high moves to low moves, and some even do floor moves. After their set, they’ll leave, and there’s a short break before another set starts. This goes on all night, with different guys per set. One thing I noticed among all of them is that, honestly, they all looked so depressed. First of all, as soon as they got onstage, they just stared blankly forward, not making eye contact to his audience. He had an I-don’t-really-want-to-do-this kind of look. So all throughout his performance, he may be doing sexual moves, teasing us and undressing himself, his face just didn’t match it. You can even see this when he finishes his set since after the song, he just walked out quickly; no transition whatsoever, it’s as if he was relieved his set was done.

First of all, I don’t blame him for being all depressed and looking like he was just forced to do it. This was probably because he really didn’t want to do it but had to in order to put food on the table. Another reason could be mainly due to his audience that time. It was all students, and all the guys there were straight guys who really didn’t want to look and found the whole thing a bit weird for them being there. Most of the girl students also didn’t even enjoy, and just tried to look away. If I was the dancer on stage doing my dance and I see my main crowd not interested, not looking, and finds what I was do disturbing, then I wouldn’t have “gana” as well to really give 110% in my performance. I would probably think to myself that if my audience doesn’t really care or admire the effort I’m putting into this dance, why would I give them a good show anyway? However, if I see my audience really enjoying what I was doing, cheering me on, looking entertained and all, then I most probably would also do my best or ever better since I know they recognize the efforts I’m putting into this. Their “loving my performance” would really make me have more “gana” to give them what they came for.

Another thing I observed was the difference between how the manager described the situation and what I really saw. Basically, I saw those dancers doing their thing with a depressed and blank face as if they felt nothing but on the other hand, the manager was trying to make it seem how good the business was and how lucky the dancers were. He said that his dancers get huge tips from time to time if the audience likes them. Some tips ranging from P10,000 to P20,000 to a car to a condo. He was even proud to say this as if telling us that being a male dancer is a good way to get money. Probably it is, probably it isn’t. But I can’t judge them solely on what I heard and saw. It really all depends. Maybe, some of the dancers are just doing this to get money fast and easy. Maybe some really wants to do this; maybe it’s their calling. Maybe they really have a nice face and big body and just want to show it off. There are many reasons why those male dancers did what they did. Although, the manger did say that most of his dancers are owners and operators of their own business like water refilling stations and Internet cafes. Dancing for Adonis is just their 2nd job at night.

At some point, I asked myself why would they do this if they already have a good business? If it is to earn more money, why choose to be a male dancer? With that face and body, he could have been a model, or do advertisements or commercials, etc. Again, there really is no definite answer why since everyone has a different reason and a different situation in life. Maybe, this is quick and easy money, maybe this is the most accessible place to go from their house, maybe this is the best night job there is. Again, they have their own reasons why, and so we can’t judge them right away.

Another thing I realized is that those male dancers put a lot onto their work. Anyone can dance. Just watch and copy what the other dancers do. What can’t be copied so easily though is their nice body. Most of the dancers there have nice muscular bodies. If they really wanted that job, then they would really have to work hard for it. Going to the gym regularly, eating healthy, taking care of your skin and especially your face since that’s what your are selling. What I am saying is that we can’t belittle these dancers since getting to that job really demands a lot from you. This is no joke. Not just anyone could apply for this job.

All in all, I can say that this was really a different experience for me. Despite all my stereotypes before of a gay bar and the dancers, now I am more open and understanding of what they do and why they do it. I know that I can’t judge them based on what I heard and saw during those two hours since I don’t know their background and situation in life. The problem is, this is just I. Majority of the others would probably judge and degrade these dancers right away which is sad. If only they knew…

Andrew Santos


SA21 section T

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