Ironically Speechless

13 Mar

He was slow-dancing. He was holding the pole. There was a towel wrapped around the lower half of his body. He was staring at the girls in front. He danced to the music. His movements weren’t in sync with the song. He was holding his towel. Then boom!

The sight was horrifying. He was on stage naked while the people watched him danced. I looked away the moment I saw him removed the towel. But it was too late. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a man-hater or anything. I just don’t like the fact that it was my first time to see a guy naked and it was in a gay bar.

If you’re wondering how the hell did I end up going to a gay bar, then read on.

About three weeks ago, my Sociology and Anthropology professor reminded our class about our mini field trip and said that we were going to a cemetery. We kinda didn’t want to ‘coz it was creepy and we didn’t know what we could do there so we suggested that the class go somewhere else. Sir ended up giving us three choices- E.K., comedy bar or gay bar. E.K.? Boring yan. Comedy bar? Pwede…Masaya dun…. Gay bar?! Whut?! Sige game gay bar para kakaiba. EXPERIENCE!

Yes, I admit. I wanted to go to the gay bar because I wanted to experience going to strange places with friends and just having adventures and stuff. My mantra was wherever, just as long as we’re together :> So came March 3rd.

Waiting outside Adonis bar felt different already. Seeing people walking around the street full of bars and clubs was a strange sight. Maybe it’s because I’m just not exposed to this kind of stuff before that night. I immediately judged the strangers around me and felt protective of myself (just in case someone tries to kidnap me or rob me or something HAHA).

Then it was time to go inside. It was weird because aside from a few early comers, we were the only ones inside. To be honest, I was really scared. But I just kept on telling myself that it’s gonna be fun because I’m with my friends. We’re just gonna laugh this off and years after, this will be something that I can remember as one of our many block adventures.

So the night went on, macho dancers going up and down the stage, lights and sounds went on everytime a dancer goes up and off when the dancers finish. They wore short shorts, briefs, boots, and what nots. They danced on the stage like no one’s watching but at the same time, trying to please the audience. One even went down and whispered or kissed the girl sitting on the front couch. I thought that majority of gay bars’ audience are gay people but I was wrong. As the night grew older, women of all ages and sizes (:>) came inside and started watching the dancers. One even requested for a dancer to sit with her.

While these were all going on, the manager of the macho dancers were kinda informing us about their lives in and out of the bar. I found out that some of the dancers were in fact, businessmen, that they were just doing this for fun. Their salary is around P80,000 a month! Imagine! Even more than the average salary of fresh M.E. graduates. My gulay! And they don’t even have to learn Accounting and Math and all that just to grind on stage! But that’s not the point. The point is, I realized that just because they dance on stage every night almost naked doesn’t mean that their job is purely immoral. Some of them might be doing this to sustain a family. Some might need to prove something to other people. Or some might be searching for themselves. Some might even be doing it just for fun. But whatever the reason may be, we can’t judge them because we don’t know them. We don’t know what their life stories are so we have no right. However, I can’t help but observe how their facial expressions were while they were on stage. You could really see that grinding was something they’ve been doing for a long time but their faces were blank. No emotions were expressed. It was as if it’s just a routine for them to go up on stage, dance, get off, and then maybe go up again after some time. It’s really hard to read their minds and I’m saying this because of what I heard from the manager when he was telling us why we shouldn’t take photos of the dancers. He said that it would be embarrassing for them if someone they know would actually see them dancing on stage almost naked and that taking photos of them would mean disrespecting them and their right to privacy. It made wonder why would they even do it if they themselves think that it’s embarrassing. I mean for the dancers who belong to the middle to upper class. I understand that they should make money for a living but for the others who can actually afford to find a different job, if they think that being a macho dancer is something to be ashamed of, why choose this? What do they get from it?

All these questions will probably be left unanswered and I don’t mind. This mini field trip made me think a lot about life. We are given the freedom to choose whatever we want to do with our lives and knowing that, we shouldn’t judge people for the choices they make. I would never go back to a gay bar again but this experience was really something. It may have TRAUMATIZED me but I sure learned a lot.

As for the people who actually go there, we are probably wondering why they do. Is it because they are experiencing problems? Or do they just go there for fun? But that’s the thing. We will never know.

Pauleen Go


Sec T

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