No Violent Reactions.. No Violent Reactions.. No Violent.. Ohgod Penis.

13 Mar

Dad: “Why didn’t you come home over the weekend?”

Me: “I had something to do eh”

Mom: “Nag gay-bar lang yan”

Dad: “Really? Did you like it?”

Oh come on dad, seriously? But did I? Well, I didn’t enjoy it, but I wasn’t really suffering either. I don’t know. It’s weird though. I actually didn’t have a difficult time watching the macho dancers do their thing, well, until a wild penis appeared. But despite that ruining my evening, I learned a lot from this field trip. I didn’t exactly enjoy the experience, but I don’t regret it.

Recalling a few days before gay-bar day:

Mom: “Jaji, what time will you be arriving home this Saturday?”

Me: “Oh yeah, I might not be going home this weekend eh..”

Mom: “What? Why?”

Me: “I have somewhere to go to Saturday evening eh. Eh, it opens super late pa, so yeah.”

Mom: “Ha? Saan ka na naman pupunta??”

Me: “Uhm.. Adonis.”

Mom: “…”

Okay, it’s like this; for my college life, it would be my weekly routine to make sure I go back home to Alabang by the end of every week, may it be on a Friday or on a Saturday. I just have to make sure I’m there to spend my three meals with my family during Sundays. That Saturday was different. That Saturday was the day I first entered a gay-bar.

Would there be something wrong with me if I said that my first impression when I entered the dark room and saw the first two performers performing was that I was kind of disappointed? It’s not that I was hoping for something more, but it was just that I was expecting something worse.

Swear, when I first heard the word gay-bar, I was expecting gays, as in, gays everywhere. Even when I was outside Adonis, waiting to go inside, I was expecting that everyone in a gay-bar, both the dancers and the audience, were gay people. I was expecting that the dancers were either trannies or gays in bikinis with fake boobs, bakat penises and make-up all over. I was ready to be scarred for life, but honestly, meh.. It wasn’t that bad…

…until the wild penis appeared.

It started simple. Guys were in front, in their tight short shorts, boots and knee pads. They were basically macho dancing: interpretative dancing showing off flexible moves. Majority of the songs were slow songs, and it matched their movements, and it also matched the look in their eyes. I couldn’t exactly tell what their facial expression meant. I couldn’t tell what they’re eyes were projecting; it was either a sad look, or an ohgod-I’m-feeling-so-sexy look.

As I said a while ago, I learned a lot of things. It was a good thing I decided to listen to the promoter guy; he had so much to say about both the usual audience and the Adonis dancers.

I was surprised when I found out that the dancers were straight. With the moves they perform and the shorts they wear, yes, they’re straight. Apparently, what makes a gay-bar a gay-bar aren’t the dancers, but it’s because gay people go to it. No wonder. But I was shocked that the promoter guy said that eighty percent of the people who go there were girls.

Why would girls go there? I’d understand if a group of girls were there celebrating a bachelorette party, or even a birthday party. I’d understand if they go there, to try it out, just for fun, but I wouldn’t understand why they would go there every now and then, unless they know the macho dancers personally.

As I observed the place, yes, aside from us SA peeps, majority of the audience were women. There was a man at the back, maybe another booth with dudes, but the rest, all women. I even saw a lady being introduced to one of the macho dancers a couple of couches in front of our table. Then the guy sat beside her. They were just talking naman, but my brain was already formulating predictions on how their night would end. VIP room or take-out? Yikes.shet.mygoodness. I’m not really sure this is the best place to meet up with a blind date miss, well then again, that’s so judgmental of me.

Another thing that surprised me was when I found out more about the macho dancers. Aside from the fact that they’re straight, I was surprised to know that they actually earn a lot from doing this. They usually earn forty thousand to eighty thousand a month! And that depends pa on how much they get tipped. I was surprised that there was even one macho dancer who was tipped not only money, but a car and a condo as well! Not bad for a macho dancer.

Another surprising thing that I found out from the promoter was that most of these macho dancers graduated from college, and some even have their own businesses, and yet they still chose to macho dance. I bet almost everyone is thinking that:

“Ah, they’re just doing that because they’re desperate for quick cash, they’re forced to do that. Kawawa”

Well, those few macho dancers just proved them wrong. I actually respect these macho dancers for their decision in pursuing macho dancing, not that I’m a fan of macho dancing, but because they decided to pursue what they enjoy doing. I myself am a victim of someone who gave up what he enjoys doing to pursue something that could promise a more stable life. So yes, bravo for Vincent, Miguel, and the rest of the macho dancers whose names I’ve forgotten.

So basically, there are some macho dancers who are just macho dancers at night and someone else by day, probably a businessman, probably a student, probably even a professor. It’s amazing how we can immediately form judgments about these macho dancers without knowing how and who they really are. What if, one day, I become a macho dancer, would I lose friends? Would I lose people’s respect due to my decision? I hope not, but as of today’s society, most likely, I would.

Jaime D. Jimenez


Sec T

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