Saturday Detour

13 Mar

My weekend hangout would usually mean malling or watching a movie with my friends, usually spending 300 to 400 pesos all in all. But recently, my Saturday night routine took a detour. We went to a comedy bar! Did you know you could actually go to a comedy bar with about the same amount of money?!

This is not my first time entering a comedy bar, or Laffline to be exact, because when I was fourteen, my whole family went to the same comedy bar with a family friend when we were visiting from the province. I can’t remember Laffline clearly then, but I can remember that I was sitting on one of those high chairs, my head on the table, keeping myself busy (obviously bored as hell). I was actually so bored that I keeping saying to myself “14 pa lang ako, grabe naman tong mga magulang ko!” Four years after, things were different, and I was actually able to have fun and appreciate the experience.

We drove to Laffline around 9 pm (define super baguhan! >.<) and entered around 9:30 pm. From the entrance, you could see that the establishment is trying to attract people: loud music was playing and the word “Laffline” was neon-lighted. As we entered, we paid the entrance fee and sat at a table far from the stage (syempre, ingat na lang, mapagtripan pa ng mga performers!) I noticed that the seats were so close to the stage. From my view, there is no gap between the stage and the audience. We were such newbies that when we arrived, only two or three tables we occupied, which were only filled at around 11 pm. I actually saw that the people who arrived late were forced to sit infront because those were the only ones unoccupied. From the two hours, we were able to watch three super hilarious performances!

The first performers were a trio of singers (na hanggang matapos yung show, hindi ko pa rin malaman kung sino ang babae at sino ang bading- darn my broken gay-dar!). I noticed that their clothes were extravagant, as if they were going to a party or something. The three of them were wearing sparkly outfits and accessories, and I thought this helps capture the attention of the audience. They were really funny and I enjoyed them the most, maybe because their jokes were mild and not all about sex and stuff. They talked to the girl infront and asked her questions, and upon knowing that she’s from Australia, made her the topic for quite some time. There was actually a time when the three were arguing about something and the poor girl was left out of place on stage, confused on what to do (sad life). The three made her go up on stage and sing. At first, they joked around and sang with her with terrible voices, but at the end they let her sing on her own, leaving the stage! This was hilarious because they left the stage, making her sing so they could change clothes! I honestly had fun during their performance. They also made a conversation with a balikbayan from the States. They made fun of her for quite some time, and also some guys (whom they accused of being gaysJ) seated near the stage. Actually, I really appreciated that they take time to remind the audience that all was just for fun and that there will be inappropriate topics and curses throughout the show, seeing that there were kids present. I also appreciated that they said ‘po’ and ‘opo’ to the elder audience. Parang, oo, nagmumura nga sila and stuff, pero trabaho lang yun, mayroon pa ring silang respeto at paggalang sa nakakatanda. Though the next two performances I watched was a bit more explicit (which to me was a bit unbearable and disturbing) with their jokes and curses, they showed the same respect to the elders as the first performance. Nakakatuwa lang makita na may ganoong pagtrato sa matatandang manonood, lalo na sa lugar katulad ng Laffline.           

I also took time observing the audience, which was quite fun (mwahahaha K). Like us, the people who arrived took seats a bit far from the stage (takot rin sigurong mapagtripan xD). I can remember me and my friends avoiding eye contact when the performers would roam around. We actually said to each other phrases like “Must. Not. Make. Eye. Contact” and “Must. Not. Attract. Attention”. As I observed, almost everyone was well-dressed, not just plain shirt and pants/shorts. Then I thought, seems legit since the entrance was already 300 pesos, I said to myself, “may kaya naman lahat ng papasok dito”. I also noticed that from my view, all of the audience was part of a group or at least in pairs, no one went there alone (I guess, laughter is best sharedJ). Every table was filled with alcoholic drinks, aside from ours, and every table ordered food (which was super over-priced, btw!). Ewan ko lang kung na-pressure dahil nagjoke yung mga comedian na required siya at pagtritripan ang mga hindi bumili. In general, everyone laughed and enjoyed the performaces, clapped as a sign of amusement.

This little detour is surely a night to remember, I really had fun at Laffline. I was shocked to have observed such events that I hardly expect in a comedy bar. The Saturday was a blast, but I guess that would never be a habit. I had fun, pero disturbing talaga yung ibang jokes eh, hindi ko kaya. But surely, not a cent of my 300 pesos was a waste! 


Chia Kimberly Enriquez, 101394

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