T’was Worth It

13 Mar

           It was my first time going into some kind of a comedy bar, and I must say, I was both thrilled and excited for what would have come to us. After all, it has been quite a while since I had a really good laugh at a show, and I think that this was a good opportunity to get it. So when we reached the Laffline Comedy Bar at Timog, on February 18, 2012, I wondered, is this really the place? Is this really a comedy bar? Standing outside, I actually thought it was just a bar, with the common drinking and partying, except for the fact that the name is engraved on the outside wall. But when I got inside, the only thing going on my mind was, whoa, the atmosphere suddenly changed, nothing compared to the simplicity the outer view gave to me. When we entered, after paying the 300 peso fee, we were seated in front of the stage, but far from it. The first things to notice were, yes, the qualities of it being a bar was present, there were liquor, waiters, a lot of people, the party lights and music, but, what made it different to a common bar, was that there were hosts, and I can’t say they were “normal” hosts, they were more than that, they were comedians. Also, they were homosexual, mostly all of them, like the usual comedian of this generation. By the start of the show, I thought of how I actually spent 300 for watching this, but I’ll say, you’d never know what might actually get you.

            So for the first half of the show, starting around 9:30 pm, there were almost a lot of people, although I did expect the bar to be filled by this time of the night. All of us there were just watching and laughing at the comedians’ performances and jokes about the people in the bar, or about themselves, and I’m surprised that they don’t mind insulting themselves, or their co-hosts, in fact, all of us loved it, laughing at almost any joke that seems to pertain to the characteristics of the individual. I was also surprised by how these hosts, comedians, seem to be not affected by all the laughter towards them, or how they were being insulted, face to face, in front of a huge crowd of people. Was it because they’re used to it, or is it because they were being paid to do it? Although I wondered with these questions, I just went on with their jokes and laugh with the people around me. I also couldn’t help but notice the people around me, all adults; most of them married couples, families, groups of women or men, college students, and the like. And, whenever there were children, the hosts would notice them easily, as if it is really unusual for a kid to be there. Must be because of the jokes, and how they can be offensive to other people, especially to the kids, who might learn of these kinds of jokes. Anyways, one more thing to notice was how everyone seems to have gone there for not only just the laugh, but also the drinks, almost all tables had liquor in them. I don’t think it was because the liquor was special there, but because it was a norm for the people in the bar to be drinking. It made me think, is this some kind of an entertainment show, wherein the people just have fun and laugh at the hosts, or entertainers, who make jokes about themselves? I can’t say I wasn’t like them, but I just noticed how people tend to enjoy laughing at people who make fun of themselves, or of others.

            It was already getting late, around, 11:30, and some of our companions have already left. I and my companions decided at first that we would leave by 12, but, we came to like the place since it was giving us such a good laugh, and decided to finish the show. By 12 am, the second half of the show started, and I guess we would have missed so much if we left early. There were more hilarious jokes, and by that time the answer to my question of why the bar isn’t filled with people by 9:30 was answered, and it was because there would be a great change in the show. I guess people knew that the morning half would have been the best part, and it really was. The people around us, most of them, were getting drunk, and I think this caused a change in the atmosphere. The loud laughter of people echoed the place, including ours, and it was really fun. The main comedian arrived, and more laughter echoed the place. It was a really entertaining night. The thought of spending 300 pesos for the show left me, and the only thing I could say as we went home was, “Sulit!”

Paolo Vittorio Fajardo, 101479

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