His and Her Story: A Comedy Bar Experience

14 Mar
*Bea’s perspective is italicized
Punchline was a whole new experience for me.
Punchline was a whole new experience for me.
My story, unlike most others, starts after dinner.
My story, like any other, starts during my struggle to decide whether to go or not.
Prior to the event I was hanging out with my friends.
Prior to the event I was asking my teammates if I should just skip it and sleep instead.
I encouraged them to accompany me assuring them that it would be a fun new experience.
They said I should go and offered to come with me, convincing me that it would be a lot more fun.
They quickly refused, saying that comedy bars were lame and that I was just wasting my time.
I turned down their offer, telling them it’s just a waste of their time and money.
I decided to go to the comedy bar because it was the nicest compared to the other choices.
I decided to go the comedy bar because most of the people from my class chose to go there.
I left 30 minutes before the allotted meet up time and tried to get to Quezon Avenue.
I left 30 minutes after the 9pm call time thinking that, for sure, not everyone will be on time.
Before the event I had absolutely no idea where Quezon Avenue was located.
Before I went there, I didn’t even bother thinking where it was situated.
I panicked so much beforehand because I am completely horrible when it comes to directions.
I just had to ask a classmate what the name of the bar we were going to and that’s it.
I even had to download a map onto my cell phone to help me get to the place.
I flagged down a cab and told him to take me to Punchline.
As I was driving to the comedy bar I passed by other establishments on the way.
As I was riding a cab, I noticed it was taking so long for me to get there.
Most of the establishments beside it catered to the same type of audience the Punchline did.
I saw bright lights and unfamiliar streets I haven’t even been to my whole life.
There were various comedy bars near it and there were also a few “spas”.
There were a lot of restaurants and clubs I have never heard of.
These establishments cater to people who were seeking some form of entertainment.
There were also businesses that I wouldn’t even bother trying to know what sort of trade they run.
I quickly understood that the place and the ones that surround it were places people went to relax and have a good time.
Right away, I assumed that the place I’m going to is where some people would seek to unwind and hang out after a busy day.
Upon entering Punchline, I had a hard time looking for my classmates.
When I arrived at the place, I immediately saw some of my classmates at the entrance.
I decided to wait for them outside just a few minutes later some of them arrived.
At the back of my head, I was saying “Good call! Everyone else is late as well!”
At first, I thought that the comedy bar I would be going to would look like an auditorium where everyone was centered on the stage.
Upon entering Punchline I wasn’t as shocked as I thought I would be because I didn’t really expect anything.
Punchline’s set up was far from what I imagined because although there was a stage, the various tables were not faced towards it.
I saw a small stage up front and I followed the waiter who led us to our seats.
That fact alone made me realize that more than just being a place to enjoy some funny jokes, it was also a “bar”.
I thought it was such a weird set up where there’s a mix of food, drinks, singing, jokes, and homos all in one bar.
As I sat down beside my friends I quickly asked for a menu skimming for something to drink.
Immediately after sitting, I started to look around and arbitrate the kind of people who would be interested to go to such place.
Most of the drinks they had were alcoholic ones and the food was mostly “pulutan” that went well with alcoholic drinks.
Before I can even generalize the people around, I had the urge to call the waiter and ask for the menu.
After looking through it I ordered a beer and looked around the place to get a grasp on what type of people there were at the place.
I felt a little left out cause most of the people I sat with was drinking beer so I ordered a bottle of water.
Most of the people around us seemed like they were working and that this comedy bar was their way to get away from it all.
And then I thought to myself, would I be interested in going to such a place in the near future, when I get older?
I quickly apprehended the humor that the comedians on stage were presenting.
When I shifted my attention to the people talking in front, I was a little appalled to what they were doing on stage.
Most of their jokes were green and I wasn’t surprised at all that they were literally and figuratively “gay”.
I have never been to show where gay people dry hump a working girl right in front of a live audience.
As the night went on they continued with much of their green jokes.
The longer I sat there the better I understood why they were acting in such a way.
I’d like to think that I was able to appreciate their humor because I could relate to the jokes that they were making.
I may not be able to relate to most of their jokes but their effort to put up a show and entertain people is quite delightful.
I am open to things like that and I don’t really find such humor gross or insulting.
My very orthodox mother back in my province would have freaked out if she knew that I went to that kind of bar.
A few audience members were selected to go up on stage and sing.
There were random people who they called to go up on stage and were ridiculed for fun.
These audience members went on stage and sang their whole hearts out.
They even sang, at first I thought they were really part of the show.
As these people were singing, I realized how everyone in the comedy bar was “game”. 
I found it really interesting that all of them agreed to sing on stage without any hesitation.
When I left at around 12am the place was still jam-packed and it seemed like more and more people were flooding in.
When I left the place, I realized I actually had a good time observing people and going into a new environment different from my preference.
I went home wondering which way my house was again….
I went home excited to tell my new exciting experience to my roommates.
Mark Ley and Bea Tan
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