The Magic of the Three F’s

14 Mar


      “Witness the magic of Simon and Silver, live at the Eldar’s Tent, 7:45 pm. Get your tickets, now!” – This was the looped recording that was played over and over again somewhere in Enchanted Kingdom. I heard it so many times that I finallly memorized it, and I saw that people were actually going to the ticket booth to buy some tickets. At that moment, I asked myself: “Is this because of effective advertising? Are these people just curious about the show?” Apparently, it was the idea of MAGIC itself that attracts these people. This is what the Enchanted Kingdom is actually all about, the magical experience that it can bring to whoever enters its gates. There are actually 3 kinds of magic that lurk around the Enchanted Kingdom.

  • Magic of Fear

While my friends and I were waiting in line for the space shuttle ride, I somehow felt something amazing. It was actually the feeling of extreme excitement. Back when I was a kid, the space shuttle ride was one of the rides that I hated the most, probably because it scared me so much. Everytime I ride it, I feel like I’m either going to fall off or vomit right after. But neither happened. By the end of the day, it was all about mind over matter. Now, after passing through that horrid phase of uneasiness, the space shuttle ride has turned into a paradise. It became a place where you can let yourself freely feel the fear, hence enabling yourself to enter a certain state of adrenaline. I saw this in other people too. They were coming back for more because of the adrenaline that the ride was feeding them. The space shuttle has become a vehicle that perfectly uses the magic of fear.

  • Magic of Fun

The line to ride Rio Grande was so long, that it was actually the longest one that we lined up into. Different groups of people were there, from couples to group of friends, from families to co-workers, all of them lined up patiently to get wet on Rio Grande. Me and my friends were 9 during that time, and one ride can only accomodate 8 people, so we had to split up into 4 and 5. I was part of the group with 4 members. We lined up beside the ride until 2 or 4 more people filled up our remaining free slots. Eventually, we ended up being with a mother and her son. As the floater moves out into the waves, our group smiled at the camera and we prepared ourselves for a wet afternoon. The waves were coming in hot and the floater was shaking badly, so the first few waves splashed directly on me and my blockmate. We were on the ugly side of the floater, so I pondered for a while on how to turn the tides. Eventually, I resorted to shaking the boat fervently, in order to distrupt its original rotation sequence. We were nearing the waterfalls at that time so I was already in panic mode, as I really didn’t want to get too soaked. Unfortunately,  it was the mother and son who were directly splashed by the waterfalls, and not my other blockmates.  Moments before that, the mom kept pointing at me and kept on saying that if she and her son gets wet, it’s gonna be on me since I was the one shaking the floater. And so, after they got soaked, I felt the awkwardness creep within me, but everyone was laughing. It was really fun and funny, that somehow it felt strange because I usually do not have fun with strangers. This mom and her son absolutely had fun too, and I realized that the barriers created by the unknown are easily broken down once fun is added into the mix.

  • Magic of Fortune

I was literally thrilled when I saw the game booths at Enchanted Kingdom. Most of the prizes were huge, and 50 pesos for a chance to win those prizes was absolutely worth it. The catch here, however, is that winning is not really based on skills. It is somehow also based on luck. For example, there’s a game where you need to desroy 2 plates by throwing 2 balls. Once you miss, it’s game over. Yes, you can be a good thrower, but completing the challenge error-free is a daunting task. Naturally, we commit mistakes, but when luck is on our side, we don’t. The real deal here is that when people think they have a great chance of winning, they tend to go for it. This is the magic of fortune at work. I, for one, was a victim of this spell. I spent 150 pesos to throw 20 rings that would fall unto dozens of bottles that were placed beside each other. If I am able to ‘enring’ at least one bottle, i get a prize, and acoustic guitars were available to be claimed. Inevitably, I wasn’t lucky enough to enring at least one bottle. It was a good try though, but of course I wasted a lot of money.

All in all, the experience that I had in Enchanted Kingdom would never be the same if it weren’t for these Three Magical F’s. After all, it wouldn’t be called Enchanted if it wasn’t for the MAGIC!

Anton Mercado


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