Theme Park Happiness

14 Mar

Theme Park Happiness

I’m a sucker for theme parks; I guess this is why Enchanted Kingdom for the fieldtrip was an obvious choice for me. I remember the first rollercoaster I ever rode was in a mall and as I began to tear up, my dad said to lift my arms and scream and just like that, it became fun. It’s a funny thing how fear and fun often come hand-in-hand. People will search high and low for a good thrill or escape and I guess this is why places like Enchanted Kingdom make a killing. Even before the field trip, I knew how my Sunday was going to go – I’d get on rides, eat overpriced fast food and not care, and I would cross my fingers that I wouldn’t be the passenger on the Rio Grande Rapids that got completely soaked (it was me.) Although I did do all this, I actually paid attention to the people around me and for the first time I noticed that the majority had a special light and happy aura about them that you don’t see everyday.

I was surprised to see so much love in the air on that Sunday afternoon. Enchanted Kingdom is apparently a couple destination. Everywhere you look there’s a couple holding hands or holding on to each other tightly before getting on a ride. I don’t know what makes theme parks so alluring for couples but perhaps it’s the fact that doing something thrilling together brings you closer or it’s one of the few times to act like a kid with that special someone. Now that I think about it, Enchanted Kingdom is the perfect place to “make chancing” your crush as he/she holds onto you on the Anchors Away or as you escape to the great heights of the Ferris Wheel. Despite all the couples, a theme park definitely is a family place as little kids constantly wriggle from the tight grips of their parents and onto a ride. I saw a handful of balikbayans showing their families a good time as well. All the pretty colors, funky dressed employees and rows of sweets and deep fried food make it a haven for children but sadly at the cost of their parent’s pockets. I also saw plenty of barkada’s constantly snapping pictures and egging each other on to get on a ride. Their rowdiness and corny jokes didn’t even bother me anymore as I’ve done all that before with my own friends, I mean, who hasn’t?

The staff of Enchanted Kingdom is a whole kind of social group all together. Clad in princess costumes, jungle attire and even a furry green dinosaur mascot, the staff all have happy smiles plastered on their faces. Those manning the game booths call out and ask you to try your luck at their game and at times do sound pretty convincing. Before you get on a ride, they happily snap your picture and are immune to all the weird, wack-o poses people come up with. I noticed however that the sales persons in shops or food stalls aren’t as friendly, probably because it isn’t in their job description or they have grown tired of all the “magic” day in and day out.

I’ve been to Enchanted Kingdom a handful of times for very different reasons. It’s probably the best theme park in our country and the only one I’ve ever been to here, making it a go-to spot. The first time I visited the park was when I was a little girl, for a family trip. In Enchanted Kingdom also however, I spent my thirteenth birthday, spent a summer day with my best friends, went on an outreach program and had my fourth year field trip. EK serves as a venue for different things making the people there so diverse.   Everyone looks the same though as if there’s a theme park dress code which usually consists of a loose top, shorts or jeans, rubber shoes, shades and the classic backpack which carries our extra t-shirts and flip-flops.  Enchanted Kingdom is definitely not the place to make a fashion statement as people dress for comfort although I did see a few girls sporting high heels and mini-skirts.

Whether you go to Enchanted Kingdom with your boyfriend, wife and kids, or your blockmates, you’re always bound to have fun. I don’t know if this is because you actually pay to have fun or perhaps with the wide assortment of activities, there’s surely something that will tickle your fancy. This is why theme parks attract a variety of people because it basically caters to everybody. Enchanted Kingdom is definitely not a place to bring a sour attitude or a bad mood as this would definitely hinder the “magic from living on.” Apart from the rides and whimsical decorations, I realized that what plays a huge part in the pleasantries and magical experience of Enchanted Kingdom is definitely the people.

Sabrina R. de Guzman,




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