Though Life is Livelier Outside

14 Mar

I would usually spend my cold, Saturday nights at home, playing computer games or watching television with my family or eating, but on the night of February 18, I decided break away from my routine, and grab a couple of laughs at Laffline, a comedy bar along Timog Avenue in Quezon City, along with a few of my classmates and friends.

With an entrance fee of P300, I was able to enter the comedy bar and take a seat as far away from center stage as possible. It was still early in the evening when we came in, so there were still a lot of vacant seats. Despite that, two happy and gay comedians were already entertaining the few people who were already there. They were joking a bit here and there and included one or two customers in their jokes. After the joking came a song number. I was surprised that they sang a female song (a song with a vocal range tailored for women) and were able to hit some of the high notes. During all of this, the seats began to fill up.

As more and more people filled the empty seats, the two comedians exited the stage, and three new, happy, and gay faces went up; the warm-up act has begun. I had the feeling that this next act was the warm-act because I do not remember seeing the names of the comedians in the front of house. They were funny. They would tell stories which would end in a laughing matter. They would inject green humor every now and then, and they would either play the role of the guy or the gay person.

After the jokes about them, they started to involve the audience in their jokes. They would tease the people that they should order something from the menu because that is where they get their salary, and that it shows courtesy to the establishment. They teased one of the old people in the audience and said that their acts were purely a joking matter, and that she should not take them seriously in any way. And then they picked one of the audience members and got her to stand in front of the stage. At one point, it looked like they were sexually teasing her (one of the comedians was grinding her); good thing that the girl did not break down or did anything of that sort on stage. They then asked her to sing in front of the audience, which she did after some encouragement. After that, short break took place.

With the audience all loose and laughing, it was time for the main act to take place. Two happy and gay people went up the stage. One of them came up the stage before the warm-up act. The other one was big, really big. They were funny as well, if not funnier than the warm-up act. The big comedian would often be ridiculed by the other comedian because of his weight, often depicting him as huge characters from movies like Shrek, or anything that resembles the huge size of the big comedian. The jokes were starting to get better, but I had to abruptly leave the comedy bar because of the curfew my parents set for me. I didn’t notice that it was already eleven in the evening. I guess it is true that time flies when you are having fun.

The whole experience gave an idea on what the nightlife is like, and it is something I do not intend in doing later in my life. It is costly. The entrance fee is P300, exclusive of anything else. You still have to buy your own food, which was very expensive. I took a look at the menu, and the only thing I ended up buying was an iced tea, which was priced at P90 and it was the cheapest thing I can get with the budget I have. In order to eat a decent meal, you will need to shell out an additional P200 or so. The alcoholic drinks were also expensive; I think it was three or four times the amount you would normally pay in a bar. I would not recommend people to go to a comedy bar if they are on a limited budget; it’s just too costly.

I also noticed that the jokes being shared on-stage are not kid-friendly. There are a lot of innuendos being blurted out, and at time there are visual representations of lewd acts. These kinds of jokes are meant for adults. Those who want clean jokes are better off searching for videos in YouTube. I find it ironic though that, as I scanned the people around me, I found a family seated somewhere in the audience, parents and kids and all.

In the end, my little trip to the comedy bar was worthwhile. For the first time, I have experienced firsthand the nightlife, and I could say that it is something I will not do too often in the future. Yes, you do get to do things that you normally can’t do in the daylight. You can get rid of all the stress you had during the week and let it all out as laughter in a comedy bar. But for me, I think I got even more tired because of staying up late at night. And I came back to my house P500 poorer.

I should stay at home more often.

SA 21 P
Jakov L. Daya

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