You Got Me There

15 Mar

It was a cold Saturday night and just almost the same as other any other nights. We have this thing in Sociology and Anthropology class in which we were required to go to a place like a typical observation experiment. That night, that fateful Saturday night of February 18 was the date in which we would go to a comedy bar named Laffline. It is located somewhere around the corner on Timog Avenue. This ‘experiment’ was required so I was coerced to break my Saturday night routines (if you know what I mean) just so I can lend time for this observation to happen.

We were informed that it normally starts at around 9pm so me and a handful of my classmates, who are also dormers, just hanged around Katipunan to kill some time. We wouldn’t want to be that early to that kind of shows but unfortunately my mates were so excited about the comedy bar so we decided we should go on and hang around Timog instead. We got a cab and arrived at Laffline. It was kind of big for a comedy bar, I think. The building also looks like a disco bar. I’m not even sure if comedy bars should look like that. Nevertheless we went closer area and found out that it was indeed early yet for the show as, we saw from the outside, the sits are not that much occupied. But then again, one of my overly excited block mates urged the group to just come in and wait for the performances to start. To start off, I hate being forced and I hate breaking my routines. Oh how I still dwell on my wasted Saturday night.  Heck, I’m not even excited. I’m just there for the requirement.

We went in and after paying the entrance fee worth 300 freaking pesos; we were guided inside and onto the chairs by the waiters/bouncers. Call me grumpy but don’t blame me. I’m off to a bad start with this requirement but as the night went on, things got a little interesting. The first performance started and from our view (which was on the left side of the stage) we saw three fashionable persons went to the stage and after seeing them all I can was “What the F*ck?!” Two of them are homosexuals. Gay! Can you believe that? I was expecting someone else and these two gay persons showed up with their damn big bodies. I was really expecting a guy stand-up comedian or something like that but a homosexual? Things were getting weirder that night but I said to myself to give it a chance. Besides they are gays. Gays, based on my experience, are really flamboyant and unpredictable. Maybe, just maybe, they got something up their sleeves.

The first performance was singing some known songs. As I’ve mentioned, there were three persons; two gays and a petite yet very appealing woman. After the songs were sung, the two gays remained and this was when the fun started. They started with some warnings that as night will go on; the fun will get a little bit wilder. As I’ve pondered on his, I mean her, warnings I got a little excited. Maybe, it’s not bad after all and I hope my early assumptions that this comedy bar, this field trip would not end up as a boring one. Little by little, my presumptions are being proven wrong and although I don’t like being corrected, I just let it go because I was having fun. These guys were cracking jokes that I’ve never heard of before and these jokes weren’t just the ordinary ones, these jokes were somewhat obscene. At first there were hints that these jokes aren’t just normal jokes but are likely mild green jokes then it got more explicit until even taboo words are being used.

It may seem shocking to those who were new to this kind of environment. Some of my excited block mates started to get uneasy feelings with this kind of ambiance and yet for me, this was really fun. I started liking the performances they showed during the night. I liked how they were damn good at singing. I liked how these gay people showed me, us that they are not nothing but they are something with a little spice in them. I never felt happier in my entire life as the night goes on. The jokes, even they were so taboo in society that they were never explicatively spoken in public, were I think the reason why I appreciated the performances so much. It felt natural laughing to these obscene jokes. I may be branded as a green-minded and sick person but I just couldn’t stop laughing. It was one of those few things in this world that I could totally ‘relate’ on. The mood, the surrounding, the gay performances, all in all it was just perfect. It was like harmony with these kinds of things.

It might sound wrong, but I really loved how the gay put it, how creative they had been to compose this kind of feat. Their routine was flawless, it was not only comical but at the same time it was witty. They showed that behind these glamorous outfits, behind these artificial breasts and modified bodies there is a heart of a woman matched with a brilliant mind. We could all see that it would take more than brains and beauty to do such phenomenal acts.  You need charisma to not just attract the audience but to get their full attention as well. I think, no I confess, that these comedians accomplished their mission. I was mesmerized by their grace in their art and when it was time to leave, I was satisfied. My craving for this kind of entertainment was fulfilled and I was thankful that they were able to prove me wrong, that a comedy bar plus gays would spell disaster and that a comedy bar would just bore me to death. I was thankful that there were also these kind of people in the world who aren’t ashamed of themselves and instead of turning this kind of “curse” into something artistic and beautiful. All in all it was a great experience. They sure did hit the right spot in my heart.


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