A Ride Away From Reality

15 Mar

Everybody wants to have a getaway. When times get rough or when work or school gets pretty rough, one looks for a place to escape to; a temporary haven where people can have fun and just enjoy life. There are so many places to choose from but for the thrill-seekers, Enchanted Kingdom is just the place to be. Enchanted Kingdom, being one of the most popular theme parks in the Philippines, is best visited by groups of people. There are so many mixes of the people found in Enchanted Kingdom, from young to old, families to barkadas, etc.

While we are waiting outside of the park, we saw these kids and teenagers also in line for their tickets. We saw in their faces that they were getting tired from waiting and at the same time the excited to be on the other side of the fence. Some kids were even shouting at their parents because they badly wanted to get in.

As we went inside the park, we expected less people but the theme park was packed with families, couples and groups of friends. As we looked around and passed by these people, happiness is seen from the excited looks on their faces and also from shrills coming from the people in line for the rides. While waiting in line, we noticed certain things about the people who were there in the theme park. Most of them were of course very enthusiastic about the rides. The groups composed of families with lots of kids and their parents, groups of friends — a mix of both guys and girls, mostly couples actually.

In the more challenging rides, like space shuttle, we saw how some people in line looked very anxious. There were several cases were some people would try to back out but the people with them would try their best to calm them down and convince them to push through with it. Most of them actually went through with the ride. There was an instance where two people backed out together. This shows how peer pressure can truly affect how we act or decide if we allow it to. Even some of us who rode the space shuttle were just forced to do it. Some guys tried their best to compose themselves and put up a tough-guy act. Others, who were scared, still decided do it because they don’t want to miss out on the fun and also perhaps they care about what the others may think of them.

We also noticed that most of the people brought cameras with them. The visitors surely wanted to keep their memories by taking tons of pictures. They took pictures in order to cherish and remember how happy they were that day with their families, barkadas or with their dates. Also people do this as they want to post them on their sites or profiles. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are very influential these days making it easier and more enticing for people to share their pictures and experiences to others.

We also noticed how people wear clothes that aren’t so appropriate with the weather during that day. There were people wearing scarves and are overdressed. Even though it was very hot during that day, there were still those who opted to wear long sleeves polo over their shirts. This shows how much they value their looks over their comfort.

There was also this Senakulo Rock event during our visit. The characters in this musical Senakulo attracted many Filipinos from kids to grandparents. The characters went around the park and were followed by so many people. It shows that most people in the park are Catholics who know about the Senakulo. They enjoyed the whole story and watched it until it was finished.

We also observed how the kids and the elders act differently. Most of the kids are willing to try all of the rides in the park. You could see them running and laughing around with their friends. While their parents and grandparents were just walking around the park, looking at the beautiful places around them and also observing other people. We also noticed how the older people just wanted to rest, chill, and forget about their problems. We even noticed some of them in a spa near the Log Jam. All of us were surprised to see that they went to EK just for that. Although we thought that it could be that they are already contented to see their kids enjoying their childhood and having fun. That itself already seemed to bring joy to them. We concluded that most likely, the parents just want to chill out, not like us younger ones who want more thrill and adventure.

Other things that we noticed in the rides were that people, even if they didn’t know each other would all act in a similar manner during the rides. Like in Anchor’s Away, whenever the ride drops or escalates, people would scream and laugh as a whole. Even if not everyone knew each other it seemed like people did. Also in Space Shuttle, we were shouting together “Ayaw ko na!” then those in front of us would say “Oo nga ayaw ko narin!” We thought that this is because the fact that everyone goes to EK to have a good time, even for a few minutes everyone is focused on the feeling the ride gives and feeds off from the energy of one another. Strangers or not, everyone seemed to have a good time but as the ride was done, everyone forms into their own groups once again.


In the end, all of the people who went there, including us, just want to escape from reality. Even though we just stayed there for about four hours, those hours made us forget about our projects and other requirements. We realized that sometimes, you actually pay for happiness…temporary happiness that is.

When we were already outside the park, getting ready to go home, we saw other people’s smiles. They seem rejuvenated and ready to confront, head on the game and get back to reality.


John Ryan Aguila – 100073

Janina Roa – 103233

SA 21 – P


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