15 Mar

Our teacher gave us three options for our field trip: to go to a comedy bar, to go to a gay bar or to go to Enchanted Kingdom. Our block wanted to go to Enchanted Kingdom, but I thought that it would be a hassle and a waste of time to go there again without really experiencing something new. I ended up choosing first option. Honestly though, I chose this only because it was going to happen on a date that was most convenient for me.
I chose to go to the comedy bar not knowing what to expect. I didn’t even know that there are actually a lot of comedy bars in the Philippines. We had to learn this the hard way because we ended up going to two comedy bars that night (luckily though we didn’t have to pay for the first one). We got to Laffline in Timog Avenue at about nine o’clock. We paid our entrance fee, and were about to get some seats when we realized that we were in the wrong bar. We had to go back to the entrance desk and beg to get our money back. At this time though, I was already praying that the comedy bar we were supposed to go to wasn’t all the way in Makati. Luckily, Punchline, the bar we had to go to, was just about five minutes away. However though, by the time we got to the right bar we were already tired from all the things we did in the morning. We ended up just sitting there, relaxed, and listening to all the things the hosts have to say. This actually helped us appreciate more what the bar had to offer, and to my surprise, my experience there turned out to be really nice.

What I liked most about going to the comedy bar was that it was really a unique and new experience. If I would describe my whole experience there in one word, that word would be “chos”. The Urban Dictionary describes the word as a “Filipino gay expression for something not meant fully, somewhat akin to ‘just kidding,’ ‘whatever,’ ‘I’m just exaggerating’” I chose this word because I thought that it would nicely sum up the different culture that the comedy bar offered. This is because, for me, going to the comedy bar was an escape from reality. That even for just a few hours, you can just sit there, pray that you don’t get picked on, and just enjoy a night of laughter and excitement like everyone there has no problems in life. Everything there was just like chos, nothing was serious. Well, the magic of the comedy bar assumes that you are really there to at least try and have fun. Well, for my seatmate, I think he was having too much fun. He kept on pulling on my shirt and laughing at everything the comedians were saying (ehem* Gabby Layugan, chos). To some extent, I couldn’t blame him. I was also really having fun. I appreciated how quickly the comedians thought about their jokes and puns. I was really amazed how fast these people could really think. I’d like to assume that most of the jokes they crack aren’t rehearsed. Whatever though, what’s really nice about it was that they weren’t just making jokes; they were making jokes that were really funny. Also, what’s unique in the comedy bar was there was really no seriousness in everything the hosts were saying. It was almost like everyone had an understanding and that every insult the comedians throw out automatically comes with a line that says, “just kidding” or “I’m just exaggerating”. Though this is the case, I still didn’t want to be picked on. By chance, I was actually sitting beside some Koreans. Being of Chinese descent, when they were the ones being picked on, I was just hoping that I wouldn’t be picked on with them. Luckily though, I didn’t get picked on even though I know that everything was just a joke. There was nothing personal in the things they were saying, and kung pumalag kasa mga insulto nila, ikaw pa rin ang masama kahit na ikaw na nga ang tinawag na pangit at mahirap. What’s funny is that this same insult was thrown at a guy sitting in the table in front of us. What’s nice is that he didn’t even seem insulted even though the hosts kept on picking on him constantly. His table even donated some money to request the hosts for a song.

I guess after saying all this, all I really want to say is that I’m happy that I didn’t go to Enchanted Kingdom. By the time I had to go home, my only regret is that I can’t stay in the bar any longer. What’s sad is that I think I actually missed the main event of the show. Nonetheless though, going to the comedy bar was indeed a nice experience that I suggest everyone should try. Despite the 300-peso entrance fee, it was really worth it.

Rhon Cristobal

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