Enchanted Kingdom: Just for Fun

15 Mar

What to choose, comedy bar or Enchanted Kingdom? At first, we really had a very hard time deciding where to go because we still haven’t gone to any of the places yet, but what ended up as our first choice was the comedy bar since almost everyone in class would be going there. However due to unforeseen circumstances, going to the comedy bar would be impossible for us. So, we were left with no more other options but to have our field trip in Enchanted Kingdom.

On the morning of March 11, we felt a little bit excited and curious of what the trip has in store for us. And this feeling intensified due to the fact that there was no traffic and we were just a few kilometers away from our destination. Upon arriving, we felt a bit disappointed because we expected to see more rides and attractions than what was available in Enchanted Kingdom. We guess it wouldn’t be fair to compare EK to the likes of Disneyland. At the time we arrived, it was so hot, making it very uncomfortable for us both to walk around the park. Moreover, the lines to the different rides were so long that we had to wait for around twenty minutes just to be able to ride. As we were standing and waiting in line, we noticed some kids who had cut the lines and the people around including us didn’t do anything about it since we think it wasn’t much of a big deal. Anyway, after a couple of rides, we decided to roam around the theme park to discover new things to do. After quite some time wandering through the park, we decide to grab a quick drink. The heat of the sun was just too much and so we had to cool ourselves. After that, we went on to find something different.

We discovered that the theme park wasn’t all about the rides. There were also many mini-games scattered around the theme park which would need you to shell out at least fifty-pesos to be able to play and get a chance to win the prizes which consist mostly of stuffed toys and a few guitars. Some of the mini-games required precision and accuracy. In one game, in order to win the prize one must be able to hit two plates with only two balls to be thrown. Another game required basketball shooting skills. The rest of the games would be won by luck alone. Based on our observation, there were not much people playing at first but a good number tried; perhaps they wanted the medium-sized stuff toys and some souvenir/memorabilia before leaving the place. When there were some people who began winning, many spectators engaged in the games. The mini-games became heated because of the intensity of the players. All of them were really focused to win. Most of the players kept on trying. Hundreds of pesos spent became thousands in just a few minutes. While others won in their first try, others took many attempts but majority of those who played did not win at all. Those “mini-games” weren’t so small at all if you would consider how much money was spent and wasted in just a blink of an eye. What seemed to be fun games at first turned to be competitive games and in some way, gambling games. In our opinion, those games are expensive when you won’t stop trying. So we controlled ourselves. We only tried one game because we did not want to get hooked and addicted as we might spend hundreds or even thousands of pesos and end up going home with nothing.

After checking out the mini-games, we looked for a thrilling ride. By the time we saw that there were not much people in the queue for the Space Shuttle, we quickly decided to line up, knowing that the ride itself would be worth the wait. While in the line, we heard a lot of comments from the people around us, most were about how enthusiastic they were to be able to experience the ride while some comments were about the scorching heat. We waited in line for about thirty minutes. When it was already our turn to get into the ride, we felt scared to a certain degree. However, right before entering, just three persons away from being on the ride, one of the crew members told us that the coaster needed to have a maintenance check to ensure its safety since it was running for quite a long time already. Because of this announcement, we felt pissed and we knew that all the people around us who had been waiting in line for so long also felt the same thing.

The earlier part wasn’t really fun at all. After the disappointment of not being able to ride the Space Shuttle, all we did was go around the park several times looking for a ride with a short line. However, at a certain point, we met Stevie and his group of friends and we had fun together. We first cooled ourselves by eating in Ice Monster. After that, we went to the rides together. In fact, we really enjoyed the rides so we repeated some of the rides like the Anchors Away, Jungle Log Jam and many more. In the end, we ended up leaving at closing time because we had so much fun and as the saying goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun!”

Thinking back, we observed that almost all of the people there were with their families. Some were with their lovers while some were with their barkadas. We couldn’t imagine someone going to Enchanted Kingdom alone. If by any chance there would be someone alone wandering around the park, that person would probably be there to observe the people and the surroundings too just like what we did at one point. In addition, many people were just sitting on the benches resting and enjoying their time and perhaps, the scenery. The mood was so festive and it could spice up the mood of the people. To conclude, we believe that all people who went there wanted to have fun and we believe that they were able to achieve it as we did.


Kyle Royce V. Amores     100174

Paolo Mathew T. Sy            103639

SA 21 – Q


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