15 Mar

For most people, Sundays would usually be spent with their families, while for some, it would be a rest day after a very exhausting week. March 11, 2012 was a different kind of Sunday, it was an exuberant day like no other. It was the day we had been yearning for, after all the stressful academic works we have been busy with. A time to spare and relish was exactly what we needed, and it all happened in a blast.

On that Sunday, we spent our whole afternoon in the country’s ever renowned theme park, Enchanted Kingdom. When we were on our way to the desired destination, we spoke about our past experiences in what seemed to be a magical place for us. During our conversation, it is understood that we have been there for several times. We also shared on how fun the rides continue to be, no matter how many times we rode them. The magic continue to persist which is what makes us want to go back even more. This led us to why we chose Enchanted Kingdom for a fieldtrip.

You know you’re already near EK when you can already see its rides from afar, like the giant ferris wheel and the most famous Space Shuttle. This sight makes everybody pumped up and even more excited as they get nearer the place itself.

When we arrived at the theme park, our excitement was as high as of an 8-year old kid. Falling in line for the buying of tickets made us more eager to experience the fun once again. Entering the enchanted place never ceased to amaze us. We were welcomed by the view of their beautiful grand carousel with a huge fountain in front. This scenic view will immediately let the magic be felt to its’ guests. The color and brightness of the spot makes it the perfect place for people to take pictures with, may it be for remembrance or souvenir. Every visitor of Enchanted Kingdom would probably have taken his/her picture at least once with that spectacular view.

Meanwhile, our hearts were trembling with excitement for we can ride mostly anything without limits. But, we first waited for our other friends who were coming with us, so we sat first on the bench near the entrance and observed the people around us. Families were the kind of crowd at that time, most certainly because it was a Sunday. This was unusual for us because when we usually go to Enchanted Kingdom, we see most people with their own group of friends. Families were the first ones we noticed because of the huge smiles on their faces and the excitement that reflected in their eyes.

We did not only see families, but we also saw sets of foreigners. We were surprised to see foreigners (more of Caucasians) who looked like they were in their late twenties to early thirties because first of all, there are bigger and better theme parks in their country. Second of all, (sorry to be rude but,) their age range are way up there for them to have double dates in that kind of place. Nevertheless, we were happy to see them because this was a chance for our country to prove its worth. We also saw groups of teenagers who looked like they were already on vacation (because Sundays are usually a study day or a family day, at least in our context).

Barkadas are also everywhere inside the theme park. Like us, they were there for a reason; others just wanted to have fun while some are there to celebrate a birthday of a friend. For us, we were there because it was for school, something we had to do. But one thing’s for sure, we all had fun indeed.

When finally our friends arrived, we were all set to scream our hearts out in the rides that we were about to ride on. We decided that we should go for the less thrilling rides first to condition our body. But when we saw that the easy ones had long lines, we decided to go straight to the ever thrilling ride which is also known as the “SPACE SHUTTLE”. One of our friends was about to ride the space shuttle for the first time in his entire life. This drew our attention to him and helped him remain calm. We told him that he should just shout his lungs out to release the anxiety and adrenaline rush. After the tough ride, he wanted to go for another one.

We also rode the Anchors Away which was another highlight because one of our friends doesn’t like the ride ever since she was a kid. But she somehow conquered her fear by joining us in riding the Anchors Away twice! However, it was a different case for us. We both love the Anchors Away because of the tickling sensation when the boat sways. It was mainly the reason why we rode it twice.

We rode almost every ride there was (we did not bother riding the kiddie rides though). In the end we went home stress-relieved (because of all the shouting maybe) and with a happy heart because we were all about adventure and pure fun.

What was great about our group was that we were all game for everything and anything. Despite the heat of the sun and the sweat that we were all dealing with, it did not hinder us from having fun. This was indeed a place to be when you are in search for excitement, happiness and adventure.

We agreed that Enchanted Kingdom has been a part of our childhood and will continue to be. There is just something about the place that makes us want to comeback. Somehow, there’s this part in us that makes us want to be kids again that only Enchanted Kingdom can bring out. Indeed, the magic is there. Some may think that we are such childish beings, but isn’t it just plain fun to bring back the good old times.

Janna Chua & Sarah Gratuito

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