maLALAKI at maTITIgas

15 Mar


Gay bar – we were going to a gay bar.  I thought “What’s in a gay bar? Gay performers?”  That’s what I thought until the day we were going to Adonis.  While inside Drew’s car, he told us that one of his female friends went to Adonis a month ago and said that those “gay performers” are actually buffed guys who are wearing almost nothing.  Well, I told myself that there was nothing I could do to change the fact that we were going to a gay bar, might as well take the opportunity to learn something.

March 3, it was Lance’s birthday and everyone was excited about the gay bar.  Well until it neared nine in the evening because once it was nine, they were all reluctant to go to gay bar and just wanted to play rock band in Drew’s house (the reason we were late).  Outside Adonis, we waited for instructions and other students of our professor.  The guy who was with our professor sure annoyed me since he was a good capitalist, not letting any of us in before collecting the payments and making sure that it was complete.  Well aside from that, he smoked and was near me and he was really insensitive since I was already covering my nose and mouth.  Was he doing that on purpose?  Was he really annoying me?  Who knows?  I don’t want to know and I don’t want to see him again.  Made me think of him as a Gandalf the gay who says “You shall not pass!”

Inside, it was really dark so it was difficult to observe people’s facial expressions.  Even the people who go in and out were barely noticeable.  Anyway, we sat at a table in the middle, the first of three tables our SA class occupied.  It was to the right of a loner guy.  He was drinking beer and was texting but most of the time he was looking at the macho dancer.  He didn’t look gay to me but well what kind of male would go to a gay bar if not for the sake of SA so I assumed he was gay.  He looked kind of sad though and was really attentive to his surroundings.  He would look back at me whenever I look at his direction.

Other people inside were a guy with I think two females.  They were a bit far and so I couldn’t determine what they were doing.  And besides, they were in the same direction as the loner guy so it was kind of awkward to always look at that direction.  To the right were two more tables from our class so nothing really to observe except that the females who weren’t my blockmates were interacting with the males of my block.  Must be the getting to know you phase and later into the night they went to the couches nearer the stage.  The third table is even more difficult to observe.  I can’t even remember who among my blockmates are seated there so nothing to say about them.

I didn’t really notice this but my blockmates in the second table told me that the capitalist smoking guy was actually gay and was making his move on our professor.  I feel really bad for our professor since he was really uncomfortable the whole night, according to one of my blockmates.

That’s about it for the surroundings.  I found it hard to just look at the dancer in front so I just cover my left eye (ha! Fortunately I wasn’t wearing my right contact lens so my right eye vision was blurry so I won’t notice the bulge in their shorts X_X).  And sometimes I just drank from my orange juice, which I suspect was spiked since I felt really hot after finishing it.  After an hour or so, I left because my driver was already outside and I just couldn’t take it anymore.  When I got outside, I was in a hurry because I didn’t want anyone to see me coming from Adonis and it felt like it was the most wasted P350 pesos I spent my entire life but looking back on it, at least I was introduced to a different culture and it gave me the idea that such a culture actually exists.  I don’t know why these men chose to work as macho dancers.  Perhaps for money?  But honestly, they don’t look poor to me so it makes me wonder.  But whatever the reason, we have to respect them and their job and not judge them just because in our eyes they are immoral.

Also, thanks to this activity, I saw another technique in the business world.  Since the demand for such a service is inelastic, meaning the demand will not respond significantly to price changes, it would be good to increase the price for maximized profit.  No matter if the price is high, the customers will still go to the place if they want to.


Raphael Gabriel L. Sy Juco

SA 21 T

T-Th 3:00 – 4:30 Bel205

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