The Happiest People on Earth

15 Mar

I admit, I was afraid when I heard we were going to a comedy bar. My friends and I originally planned on going to Enchanted Kingdom so we could have fun but due to some circumstances, comedy bar was the only option. Besides, I said to myself, it wouldn’t hurt to try right?

The root of all my uneasiness is my roommate, an actual regular to those comedy bars. She and her friends find it amusing and would go there to have a few, I mean, a lot of laughs to unwind after a distressing exam. She told me it was really fun but I should be warned when they start “okray”-ing (teasing or something like that) me. I’m like WHAT?! To tell you the truth, I’m the kind of person who doesn’t really like to be in the spotlight, especially when I become the joke of the day. Then I would have to smile, laugh and pretend that it’s funny. I don’t even usually go out at night but I guess I have no choice. I still have to go.

Of course I wouldn’t go to a comedy bar by myself even though I live just around the corner of Quezon Avenue. Anyway, on a one Saturday night, my friends and I met up in a mall in Ortigas (I know, we went as far as Ortigas just so we can go there together), ate first then went to the comedy bar called “Laffline.” Just the trip along Quezon Avenue made me so anxious. The sky is dark as black but the streets were lit up because of the lights and signs in every building, in every direction. You could really see the road as if it’s alive as you pass through Quezon Avenue. A lot of bars, restaurants and such are busy attending to their own customers. It’s like you could feel that these “events” really happen every night and particularly, a Saturday night.

When we arrived there, at around nine, our fellow blockmates weren’t there yet. We didn’t know what to do. “Should we go inside now?” “Do I look 18?” “I guess…” “But I’m not 18!” “Look strong! You should look like you know what you’re doing and you really wanna go in!” And yes we panicked. They didn’t even ask for our IDs when we came in and heck, there are even kids in there who look like gradeschoolers! There’s no problem really unless you don’t have any money to get in. Entrance fee cost us three hundred pesos and I thought if a laugh would be really that worth it.

We went in and chose the seats that are almost beside the restroom so they wouldn’t bother us. Apparently, the show has already started when we came and gays were interviewing the audience and making fun of them. My heart started jumping as they went from an audience to the next. I actually liked their humour. It can be compared to Vice Ganda’s (Comedian actor) who also started his fame in one of the comedy bars in Quezon Avenue.  They would usually first notice one of the audience’s appearance and would later on comment on them. I don’t know how they do it but it will always turn out to be funny even though it’s insulting. After some time, we changed our seats since we would be wasting our money to be not part of the show. We sat somewhere in the middle to feel a little more part of the fun. Bring it on!

There are a lot of comedians and most of them are homosexuals. Actually, I only saw one girl and she was part of the first acts. They are given an amount of time to perform, first joking then singing, and later on would swap with another. You wouldn’t get bored. They all have their own style of entertaining people, usually green jokes, and a kind of fashion that would make you go wow that you wouldn’t notice at first glance that they were gay.

One of them got my attention. He was really entertaining and even shared his …or her life about going to Japan and having a sex change. I felt a little queer about it; however, there would be this feeling that I want to accept them as they are. He is an extremely talented singer and I may say, for me, is beautiful. He literally made everything he says a joke that you would be confused as to what he’s saying is real or not. But that’s not the important thing, he’s there to entertain you and to convince you to order food that I should say was really EXPENSIVE. I think it’s also a big part of their business to ask the audience to eat because the prices on their menu just shocked me. The host would even tell you that if they don’t see food on your table, you would be okray-ed.

After some time, I feel a little bit more relaxed in the place. It wasn’t that bad; it was actually fun and a totally new experience for me. I thought that the environment was really different from the Ateneo’s where almost everybody respects each other. In the bar, all the comedians were talented and they have a very different sense of humour that you shouldn’t take seriously or else, you would feel bad about yourself. But the comedy bar is all about fun and it’s one of the things that show how talented Filipinos are. Certainly, you would be convinced that we are truly one of the happiest people on earth.

We went home at about 12 midnight but you can sense that the real performance had just began. They still have a long night to go and I missed it. Some time I could use a good laugh again and maybe even try out sitting at the front, be okray-ed, and just have a good time.



Patricia Alvero- Section Q



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