Immersing in a Totally Different World

13 May

Comedy bars are places where people who want to have a night of fun and laughter go to.  Personally, though, these are not our first go-to destination when planning to have a leisurely time.  It was an entirely new environment for us.  There were people smoking and drinking everywhere that it was so “alien” to us.

Being our first time to be in any kind of bar, we felt uncomfortable and uneasy.  We constantly thought of the fact that we might get called or made fun of by the comedians.  This disturbed us and made us choose seats at the back, hoping that the comedians will not make us the targets of their jokes.

As time passed by, we slowly felt relaxed and we were already laughing at their jokes. The problem was that the people sitting beside us liked to smoke. This did not really give us a chance to have an extremely pleasant time. We even had to move so that we will not inhale and smell the secondhand smoke but no matter what we did, the smell was still evident.

The environment was simply new to us. We had no clue what happens in places like this. We did not know what to do, where to pay or even, as embarrassing as it is, how to order food. Even though there was no intention of buying food, since they were so expensive. But then again, one of the hosts talked about these customers who bought a single bottle of beer and shared it.  It was made to be a joke but still, we felt guilty that there was not anything on our table except for our cell phones.  We considered buying yet in the end, we still did not buy a single thing.

Observing the guests in the bar, we noticed different kinds and groups of people there.  Right infront of the stage was a couple who was frequently made fun of by the hosts.  Beside the table of the couple, there was an elderly man, and he was also often made the topic of the comedians’ jokes.  Aside from them were other tables occupied by groups of officemates, obvious by their business attire, and barkadas.  Of course, other students from Sir Labastilla’s SA 21 class were also scattered in the bar.  In front of our seats, there was a family, and we were surprised because they even brought a little boy with them.  We thought that that is not a right thing because he should not hear the “adult” jokes that were told by the hosts. Not only hear, but he can also see the things that should not be known by a child at such a young age.

The most probable reason of these groups of people being at the bar was primarily to have fun.  Perhaps, some of them may want to have bonding time with their family or their friends.  However, most of them may have had a different reason.  Some probably went there to forget about their problems and have a break, and some might have just wanted to pass the time.

There were already three gay comedians up on stage doing their act when we arrived.  The jokes of the comedians and the laughter of the audience created a light atmosphere.  Mostly, the jokes that were told by this first trio were “green” jokes.  One of them also shared his sexual experiences with different men from different countries.  Not only were they sharing green jokes to the audience, but they also made fun of other audience by insulting them.  These jokes were exchanged by the audience with their boisterous laughter.

Having this kind of humor that the first group had shown, we assumed that they find green jokes and making-fun-of-others jokes funnier than the other ones.  This is because we believe that they will not share those jokes to others when they themselves do not find it humorous.  In addition, maybe the comedians also assumed that the audience was mature enough to understand that all of what they are saying are just for fun.  Also, they believed that the audience will not mind hearing those kind of jokes and that they would not take them so seriously.

After a lot of laughter that they got from the audience, it was time for the next group to come in.  The next group also had three members: 2 gays and 1 woman.  Some said that the woman was not really a “woman”, but she was just a transgender one. We are not particularly sure about this fact. Anyway, this second group had a different type of humor from the previous one.  They often made fun of one of the members about his knowledge.  They cracked jokes about making one member spell an English word, or say the location of a certain tourist spot.  Aside from this kind of joke, they also told pick-up lines.  At some point in time, they also somewhat made fun of the audience, when they asked who the next “guest” would be. When the she came to the stage, they started to ask her questions and maybe made fun of her but not in an extreme way like the other group did. By the time they found out that she was just a minor, they refused to make her sing and stopped making her a butt of their jokes. They just made her go back to her seat.  After that, they just asked someone who was not in his or her minor years anymore.

The kind of humor that the second group has somewhat told us that they are more aware of the consequences of their actions.  To entertain, they did not make fun of the audience; instead, they made fun of themselves.  Their declining of a minor-aged student showed the people they really are. Apart from this, we assume that they also found green jokes as inappropriate jokes for all time.  Perhaps they have already encountered customers that complained about their foul jokes.

There were different acts that were performed in around the last 30 minutes of our stay. Some of the comedians sang and one danced. We were amazed about their singing abilities that we even thought that they were only lip-syncing and we even tried to catch them doing so.  Unfortunately, we were not able to since their lips are well synchronized with the song’s lyrics and tune.  It was so good that one would think that it could not be real at all. You would not even think that they have that sort of talent! However, the dancing was just so weird. It was as if she/he was doing whatever dance steps she/he can think of. It was not as entertaining as the ones who sang but entertaining, nonetheless.

This experience that we had opened our eyes to what and how things operate in a comedy bar. We somehow learned of the “nightlife” and what older people do when they are out of work.  We now know what to expect when we reach the time where we will be in real need of some fun after a very long day of hard work.


Alexis Angeles, 110216
Clarisse Chia, 110849

SA21 – J


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