A New Kind of Laughter

13 May

Laffline Comedy Bar – May 5, 2012 (Timog Ave. 930pm-1230am)


Last Saturday, May 5, was my first time to go to a comedy bar. Now, I didn’t know what to expect, but at the back of my mind, I was already focusing on the idea that it would be a humorous event and outright comedic, after all it is a comedy bar. And upon leaving the house, my parents were already telling me that it’s…a slightly new scene. Curious and worried that I was, I suddenly kept an open mind on what I was about to see, hear and experience. It was only fair that I shouldn’t judge the place simply because I haven’t been in one. Yet, as I left the house by 9:10pm, I couldn’t help but feel that this was something very unusual.

I arrived in Laffline Comedy Bar in no more than 10 minutes. Since I brought my own car, I was looking for a parking and I ended up just leaving it to the valet to find a parking slot, again something new and a first. As I entered the comedy bar, there were already 5 people on the stage singing, and from my perspective, they did look gay. I had to pay for the entrance fee first before I could take a seat. I was alone when I arrived and didn’t really know anybody but I saw some familiar faces, Ateneans from a different class. As I was instructed to sit down by the waiters, I was actually surprised that they were insisting and even forcing me to take a seat and I couldn’t even choose where to sit! But nonetheless, after waiting for about ten minutes, my fellow classmates arrived and the show…had really begun.

Much like our seats, we were forced to order drinks as well. It was a must that we did. As we got our drinks, the comedic show soon turned to be…quite sexual, or maybe too sexual. First, they started making fun of this elderly man right up front and how incapable he was of getting “turned on” with sexual things or jokes. They later on proceeded to couples and how they were meant for each other. Yes, very sweet, and only until they started to mention that the man was rich they, the gay hosts, had the “hots” for the man while the wife was there. It was starting to get pretty awkward. They then started to talk to fellow Ateneans. They talked about their courses and even joked around by saying that if the school’s name didn’t come from that of a saint’s, it wasn’t high end or “sosyal”. They even mistook one of our batchmates as being gay and were convincing him to admit to everybody that he was, even if he wasn’t. Awkwardness level just increased.

Moving on, they started to really perform and entertain the crowd. They sang songs, they asked some of the people from the audience to perform and they started to joke around about a lot of things already. The sexual jokes never left their mouths and it was what kept the crowd alive and up. Their jokes, whether sexual or humorous, appealed to the people and they were certainly enjoying it! Being my first time to attend a comedy bar, I couldn’t help but make a grossed out face at times. Their use of language was very vulgar and straightforward. They cursed a lot, and how they delivered their lines were always on point. Some of the jokes they were mentioning that involved how they looked like and made fun of each other were really funny. This was the best part of the experience. But when they targeted the audience, that’s when I felt that some of the jokes were uncalled for. Though they kept saying that it was how they were and how the program really went; they weren’t trying to offend the crowd. And that constant reminder made everything clear, understandable and that everything was merely for entertainment.


As this was happening, I was observing all the people in the comedy bar, taking pictures. Some came as a family, some came with their friends, their colleagues and some came with their significant other. Every single one of them was having a good time! This was their time to have fun with their friends and family, to release all the stress of the week through laughing and drinking! As I was watching the hosts, they were very used to how the crowd is and there was never a dull moment. They controlled every part of the entire place with their not-very-shy jokes. There were times even that they’d talk about their own experiences on sexual activities! And at times, or most of the time, it was just too much information for my ears! It was indeed very new and it surprised me a lot, on how open they were about everything sexual jokes and activities.

Then it got me thinking that this was something they did every weekend, and that was their source of income. They were there to entertain the people and they did a great job at that. But at the back of my mind, I was thinking that this was something they worked hard for, I guess, and they were enjoying what they did. As awkward as it was, it was very new to me, at times i didn’t know if I should laugh or not, a new kind of laughter, i guess and something that I may go back to, though not very soon. It was a field trip, it was something new and unusual, it was quite fun actually. I had some good company and it was a good way to end the Saturday night.


Joaquin Callo P. Fragada


SA 21- A


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