A Night at Laffline

13 May

Last Saturday, May 5, 2012, our class went to a comedy bar in Timog Avenue in Quezon City. This was a totally new experience for me because I have never been inside a comedy bar. Ever since, the only part of a comedy bar that I can see is the exterior structure of its building and the bright lights that attract the attention of a lot of motorists. The comedy bar we went to was called Laffline and from its name alone, one can already guess the kind of experience he/she should expect when going there.

I went to Laffline with a friend of mine. We met up in San Juan City before going there. When we got to Timog Avenue we got a little bit lost. We did not know where the bar was located so we had to look around for it. I noticed that while we were looking for the bar, a lot of other bars were located there. All of them had the same exterior structure with bright lights and would really attract a lot of people. When we got to Laffline, it was already 9:30 pm.

My friend and I walked inside and I have to admit that I did not feel comfortable at the start. This was probably due to the fact that it was my first time there and I did not know what to expect. After paying the entrance fee, we saw a few of our classmates seated near the back and so we sat with them. Later on, I would realize that sitting near the back is actually a good idea.

When we sat down, the show was already starting. There were three comedians on stage and they were all gay or homosexuals. At that moment they were making fun of the people seated nearest to the stage. They started by making jokes on the old man and the couple that was seated in the front table. Most of their jokes were actually green or had a sexual implication in it. Some were a bit offensive whenever they would joke about the physical appearance of the person. These jokes also came one after the other. The comedians knew that to keep the audience alive there had to be no moments of silence. There was no dull moment. From time to time, they would stop teasing the people from the audience and they would tease each other with the same quality of jokes. They also moved to different tables and started joking about the people sitting in those places. The only part that they did not go to was the back part of the bar because it was already too far from the stage. This is why I said sitting back there was a good idea because there was a really small chance that the comedians would joke around with us.

After going around the audience, they picked a few people to sing on the stage. The people they picked were shy at first once they get up the stage. The comedians then focused all their jokes on the person. A batch mate of ours was actually chosen to sing on stage and a lot of jokes were made about his physical appearance, school where he was from and they even questioned his sexuality. When he started to sing they sang along with him, and I think they did this in order to make him feel comfortable.

The whole show was basically a time of making fun of each other, but I have to admit that it was still a very funny show. Personally, I would not like it if they’d make fun of me, but for some weird reason I found it funny while they were making fun of the other people around. This made me feel more easy that since everyone was being made fun of, it would just be normal if ever they make fun of me. I also noticed that as the show went on, I felt a bit more comfortable with the place. They also made fun of not just one person but also of the other people from different tables. After every joke one can also notice that they will repeatedly say “Biru- biruan lang po tayo dito. Walang pikunan.” They made it very clear that everyone inside that comedy bar was equal. They did not care whether one person had a better status compared to the other. Even if a person seemed rich or of high status, they can not escape being laughed at or teased.

The comedians were sure to never treat the customers wrong or in a foul manner. Whenever they noticed that the customer is starting to get annoyed, they would lay low on their jokes. The customers are the reason that they have their jobs and so they could not afford someone getting mad at them. They also made everyone feel welcome. They kept on reminding the customers to buy food and drinks in order for them to have more fun.

All the things that I have observed and realized inside the comedy bar has taught me that the comedy bar is like an escape from reality. Everyone there is equal and even though they do not know each other, they are all having a good time making fun of each other without anyone getting annoyed. It is also a place to bond with the people you’re with by drinking and eating with them while watching a comedy show. It is a bit amazing that people from different walks of life can have a good time with each other through the efforts of three comedians on top of a stage.

By Raphael Q. Gastrock| SA21-A| 111710


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