Courtroom of jesters

13 May

A courtroom is usually a place of judgement. A place where one expects to be judge with equally based on the evidences presented. A place where on is treated as an equal, a place of intellectuals. It is place where one would not hope to find fools and jesters which administer judgement upon the crowd of clueless folk. There is a place down in Timog where on would find such a place. This place is called Laffline, a place where courtesy and sanity is not the norm.             

                Laffline is what I would say a courtroom under the influence of LSD or any hallucinogenic substances much like the Moulin Rouge in the movie Moulin Rouge. As I walked towards the main structure I had noticed that it is in the colour of yellow and orange which is geometrically painted on its façade which I believed tried to create an illusion of warmth and fun. As I approached the entrance of the structure I was halted by men who are in black in white. They frisked me and prodded my belongings only to find nothing. This is what they had hoped for. As I walked towards the main hall I was escorted by a man in black who insisted that I sat close to the stage and right along the aisle. I knew I would be in trouble for I was right in the line of sight of these jesters. The place is dark and the people who joined me looked as restless as I was but there was something off about them, they seemed to be enjoying themselves. They had a sparkle in their eyes, a sparkle that one would only find in the eyes of a mad man. I had hoped for the best and expected the worst when the show began.

                The show has begun and it began with a song which was performed by the jesters for that night. As the song ended the stage was filled with 7 jesters. Characteristics of each were that of a mix of male and female all except one, the flower in the bush of thorns. There was a female jester on that stage. She quickly caught my eye for I wondered why such a fine lady would be amidst a group of jesters. This thought plagued me for a time being until the jesters began to mingle with the crowd. The time of judgement has come. I escaped towards the restrooms as soon as I could and there I found the men in black. These men are what would call monsters of man. Their notable characteristic would be their big muscular physique which they used to intimidate possible trouble makers. I left that room when I knew that the jesters had their full. As I went back to my seat I noticed that the jesters on stage have decreased in number. The lady has disappeared.

                Further into the night the jokes of the jesters have turned towards certain guests. They have begun to judge the unsuspecting folk. The jokes ranged from the physical characteristics both seen and unseen and personal experiences. What intrigued me is the support they got from the audience. It seemed that the crowd has been turned into a pack of mad dogs. The man onstage kept his cool as his dignity was spat on and prodded by the jesters and the crowd. Upon closer inspection the man on stage was in agony. I wondered if this truly how this place works. Is this truly how human society is? All seemed retarded and pointless. I could not derive the pleasure of seeing a fellow man humiliated in front of the crowd. What is the point of all this?

                I have forgotten about the lady I had seen at the beginning of the show. My head was filled with questions on what has made man turn into some carnivorous animal that preys on others pain. At this time the whole hall was filled with people all of them had the same eyes as the ones I have seen at the beginning.  The lights of the hall went out and as they went on the lady walked towards the centre of the stage. She began to sing, a song that made me quite at ease. As the song ended I heard clapping but the crowd was not as delighted as they were moments ago. As the lady was about to leave another jester came right in, he/she was the prettiest amongst all the male female jesters, and started insulting the poor lady. They started to argue onstage each throwing insults at each other. This made the crowd go wild. The crowd loved seeing people get humiliated. As the two started to mellow down they started pointing at some members of the audience which were of a different race. One thing lead to another and the jester and the lady were talking about sex. Sex what is so funny about sex. I did not seem to get it but it seemed that the crowd loved it. At this point I have lost all interest at the lady. I saw her as one of them, a jester.

                As I left the establishment a few things stuck to my head, namely the humour bashing one person brings, talking about sex in such an explicit manner and that fine lady. Our society would never seize to amaze me. I could not bring myself to understand what pleasure one can derive from these form of entertainment. As I remembered the scenes of the night I recalled that I too was part of the crowd that cheered and jeered at the men who were the target of these jesters. I’m also part of society. One of the men who find joy in other peoples pain.  I am no different.  What has society come to become. 


– Alden Tinimbang 


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