Funny Things are Normal Things

13 May

It was 9 in the evening of a cloudy Saturday night when 3 of my high school friends and I went to the comedy bar “Sitcom Live” in Las Piñas City. There were about two to three groups of people when we got there. The room was a bit small with two floors surrounding the stage, it was a bit dark and the only bright part was where the lights were, centered on the small stage. There are stairs surrounding the stage that it automatically came to mind that audience participation was included in every show. The sounds from speakers timbered up to my bones in every song, joke or conversation delivered. The tables and chairs are close together. As the night grew later, more and more people arrived having the place full from first to second floor. The crowd was made up of people of different ages, sexes and gender, and even nationalities. Though it was crowded, the ambiance of the place remained dim and very cold and it was warm with laughter and applauses.

The first act was two gays wearing a leather-man jacket. Both of them were good-looking men, at first I thought they were straight guys because of how they look and stood on stage, but once they spoke and sang, my first impression changed. They sang many high pitched songs that were normally sang by women and they sang it really well. They told many green jokes and talked about all the hot guys in the bar and finally they sang ‘Super Bass’ by Nikki Minaj and danced to it very seductively. They really put on a great opening act and got everyone stirred up for the next.

It was 10o’clock, and the night was young, however it felt like I was in there for hours already. I laughed hard with the first act and I thought it would not get anymore better, but it did. With the two gays from the opening act, a straight woman, I guess in the middle 20’s, joined the act. She was also hilarious. Gays are conventionally known to crack good jokes but the woman did well too. She complemented the act of the two gays and she also sang really well. This time, they made jokes about the people around the bar, especially the two foreigners who were in there. They indirectly asked for money and they did it in a very humorous way. They actually did that the whole night and did not limit it to the foreigners but they also did it to everyone. As they interviewed the crowed more, we found out that there were many students like us in the bar and their reason was it was summer vacation. There were also families there with their kids there ranging 4-10 years old. The hosts also made fun of those kids and despite them being there, they still told many green jokes. They also encouraged people to buy more and more food and drinks, but everything costs twice as much as they would cost in a convenience store or a simple super market, of course this was expensive to students like us who only rely on our allowance. So, we settled for the promo they had having 6 beers and 2 plates of calamares for only Php599.00. Our order got us through our whole stay there and we were actually satisfied with everything, especially that the show was really great.

The night just gets better and better. More people began hosting. There were three cross-dressers or maybe transsexuals who joined the show. They wore very daring outfits and one of them even looked more beautiful than the average girl. These three were bickering and bickering on different issues. Their jokes are usually about the things they experience in life. It was already funny the way they tell the story and the way they act it out even made it funnier. I cried laughing throughout the show and my cheeks started to hurt for laughing and smiling for hours. The stories were the funniest especially it was a bit vulgar and very green and sexual.

The humor that the show had through the night was mostly about sex. It was funny because it is unconventional to say words like ‘puke’ or ‘titi’ or words similar to that in big crowds especially with children there. We are all boxed in a world that is stirred by conventions in which we think is natural but instead it is normal. It is normal because it is in our norms or things that we are used to and taught and learned through time and coinciding with place and with effect to technology. It was funny because it encompasses the norms and it was in a mode wherein we have a setting that it is supposed to be funny. Going out of the norms may seem bad but putting it in a context where I just was made it humorous instead.


Revin A. De los Reyes


SA 21 – J


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