How Apocalyptic was Anti-Apocalypse

13 May

Last saturday, me and my friends went to cubao expo to see the anti-apocalypse show. The cubao expo is a small place which has different stores you can see from the outside, but if you go in, there are some bars there.  We got there at around 8:30 even though the show starts at 9:00 so we decided to go to one of the bars and observe the people.  Since it is already late and the only thing left open are the bars, you will see a typical bar setting(people dressing casually, socializing, beer in hand etc.). It is also apparent that we feel like we don’t belong here, as it is a first for most of us to go to somewhere like that. We ordered some food and beer at the bar and just talked until the show started.

Waiting for the show was kind of annoying. First of all, as we were not used to that kind of setting, we had nothing much to do and felt bored. After that, the show started late at 9:20, so I was really annoyed at the tiresome wait for the show.

The show itself is in a small in the street of cubao expo. It is in a small tent, with some instruments set up with a banner for the show hanging there. There are 2 bars around it, one directly accross the street, and one beside it, there is also a small booth there that sells beer to the ones watching the show. The bars are full and many of the seats are lined outside so that they could see the performance.

At the start of the show, a short film was presented about the history of weed and also about legalizing weed specifically marijuana. It was interesting to see people declaring their intent to legalize something that most people are against. I like these kinds of things because they challenge the system. After the film the host calls out to the people, and specifically mentions UP so maybe this event was primarily for the UP students.

As an opening act, a band started playing, there was no singing though, the one holding the microphone just uses it as sound effects. The one holding the microphone was particularly expressive, he makes many movements to match the kind of sound they are playing. It was at that time that crowds started gathering at the venue. About halfway through a man came and took off his shirt and wrapped it around his face. He had some kind of symbol on his back, and started performing with his arnis sticks. He also beat the sticks on the ground, even at the support beam of the tent, matching the beats of the band playing. It was very lively and I would like to see it again. The only flaw of this act was that it dragged on for many minutes. I think the band started playing for about 50 minutes before the main event started. I got bored at around the 35 minute mark, and would like to make it end. The crowd looks like that as well, many people were talking to each other not minding the performance.

After that was the time for the stand up comedians to take the stage. It was my first time going to a comedy show so I was excited to see what kind of jokes they will say or do. It did not fail to amuse me as I was laughing at almost every joke that was made by the 3 comedians that was on the stage. The jokes were good, and was made so that the masses can relate. It was mostly about the things that we see on the news, like the SM cutting trees, or the Tulfo issue. It was also catered to our generation, as there are jokes that those only from the 90’s can relate to, like the old cartoons, Dragonball and Ghost Fighter being compared to Dora. I was also amazed that there were barely no green jokes at all. They don’t rely on those, and make the crowd laugh by ridiculing more common things, like the joke with the headphones and the stethoscope.

And then after that, short old comedy films started being played. We did not stick around though because it was past 11 o’clock already and had to go home. It was a very good experience. It did not let me down with the jokes and the performance. It is also a good experience for those wanting to learn more about the outside world. The environment there is no what we’re used to but it wasn’t bad except for the second hand smoke that was in the venue. Overall, if there was ever another show like that and I was in the area, I would probably stick around to see it.

Kristian Calalang



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