Internet Cafe; in the view of girl who do not play games

13 May



             Whenever I ask where you are to my friends whose sex is man, their answers are usually simple and same: “I am now at Internet Café”. Since I do not enjoy playing games, I am not familiar with Internet Café and I had never been there although I am always curious about that place. Thus, this time, I decided to visit and see what they do and why they are so addicted.


May 12 around 8pm, I visited to Mineski which is located near Ateneo. The first impaction of internet café was that its environment is not so bad than I expected because I thought that internet café is so dark with few lights and full of smokers. However, it was so light and clean but there was no window. I guess the reason is to disturb the player’s notification of time so that they would keep their playing like what casino and department store do. Moreover, Mineski does not allow smoking inside the internet café so the atmosphere was not so heavy; actually it was kind of refreshingness. However, my friend told me that the other internet café such as Blueskies which is in front of Mineski but, so dark and liberal.


There are around 70 computers and almost two third of them were turned on when I arrived there. As time past, the number of players was decreased and around 10pm less than half computer were using. When I left there at midnight, there were only 20people. Maybe this is why Mineski offers a promo which is 65peso for 4hours after8:30pmso that it still maintains balance.


Most of players were men. Although it was really hard to fine woman, I was able to meet two girls who surfed facebook but they left around 9pm. Also one girl played Dota and she was still playing there before I left. She was with her boyfriend who also played Dota. From this point, I guess that women tend not to be addicted to games.


I tried to oversee people and what they were doing. They usually did not dress up. They just wear a T-shirt with shorts and slipper so they looked so comfortable. Most of them, actually 90 percent, played Dota. Usually they were able to finish one round in 45 minutes. They seemed to take a rest after one round playing Tetris, then accessed Dota again. Although that place was quiet with background music, sometimes I heard that people’s shouting such as “Ay nako” or some bad words when they lose the games and “GG” which refers ‘good game’ but actual meaning is I am losing.


The other 10 percent just surfed the internet or facebook. I wondered that why they did those things in the internet café because they can access it at home without extra payment. So I decided to interview with some of them why they came to internet café. James, who surfed told me that the internet of his house is not so fast as internet cafe. He did not want internet error anymore and also, he did not have to wait the buffering in the internet café when he watched you-tube. The other guy, Sam, who sit next to me just surfed facebook. He was waiting his friends who play games. He told me that he did not want to play games but he wanted to be with his friends.


In employee’s aspect, every moment, the waiters walked inside the internet café and cleaned right after player left. They seemed they are so sensitive about keeping cleanliness.  


For 3 hours, I just surfed facebook and Korean website but I felt this place was so comfortable to deal with computers and also, I was interested to watch other people even if I was not able to understand games.  


My bottom line is, I was really surprised about its clean and light circumstances. In fact, I thought that this place is only for the guys who really love to play games but now, internet café is considered as a place where we can spend our leisure time. Thus, I made my own conclusion for the addict that they go to internet café because of not only the joyful games but also its cool and faster circumstances. 


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