The Different “Attractions” at Car Expos and The People They Attract

13 May

On my way home from Subic with my parents, my dad decided to bring us along to a car expo with my brother. I was still quite disoriented as I just woke up a few hours ago before arriving at expo. I should add that I’m not a morning person and will wake up 8 out of 10 times grouchy with a slight migraine. I believe I was also underdressed due to the fact that I was only wearing my ‘pambahay’ shirt, ¼ rolled-up cargo pants, and slippers.

When we arrived at the expo, I and my mom dropped off in front of the venue so that we could purchase tickets right away and enter as soon as my brother arrived and my dad parks the car and gets to the venue. The first two cars I noticed at the venue were the supposed fastest cars in the Philippines, the Ford GT and the Nissan GT-R. The 2 cars looked amazing on display, especially the Nissan GT-R. I’ve been a fan of Nissan since I first watched the movie “2 Fast 2 Furious”. Too bad I didn’t bring my camera with me so I could take some pictures.

The venue was filled with people, cars, and the showgirls. The first area of the expo (if you entered through what I’m assuming is the front or main entrance of the venue) was where the brand new models from different car manufacturers were displayed. Big car manufacturers such as Subaru, Ford, BMW, etc… were there showing off their newest models. While we walked around the first area looking at the different new models while picking up brochures for the ones that piqued our interest, there were a couple things that I noticed.

Majority of the people around the sections for Audi, BMW, and Mercedes looked like those typical Dads employed as big shot businessmen with the pay grade to afford those cars. They would usually wear collared-shirts tucked in with khaki pants finished with sleek leather shoes from those brands whose stores I’d rather not enter just to be dazzled by the price tags. They say that one can see a man’s personality through the cars they own, seems legit to me.

I noticed different levels of car enthusiasts at the expo as well. The normal ones were simply looking at the cars. They would walk around the cars looking at exterior and interior. They would sometimes ask if they could enter the car so that they could feel the chair and the feel of the car. After that they would gaze at the piece of paper near the car they’re interested in for a bit then move on. The hardcore car enthusiasts on the other hand would look at every single detail of the car. Sometimes, they would lightly blurt out names of the parts they are looking at or the type of wheel that car is using. They would even be able to name the type of brakes the car is using. And when they look at the piece of paper with the car’s information on it, they would read every bit and know what those parts are.

Next up are the show girls at the expo. Most, if not all, of the cars on display had a show girl beside the car. The show girls in the first area were wearing long dresses with slits on the side showing off their long and slender legs. They would be posing beside the cars as people took pictures of them. I understand that having beautiful show girls beside the cars would help attract more people to them but some of the people they’re attracting, in my opinion, didn’t go there for the cars. Some of these people are those with cameras.

Many of them were using high-end cameras. They were going around wearing their cameras on their necks. They took occasional shots of cars that piqued their interest. Some would move nearer to the cars to take detailed shots of the front, back, or side. Others would move around, shooting from different angles that showcased the car’s sleek look or rugged form. The first ones I noticed looked like simple folks interested in bringing home pictures of cars that they liked hoping to own them someday.

But the “photographers” that caught my eye weren’t like those guys. These guys made me laugh a little as soon as I saw them. They weren’t going around taking pictures of the cars. It was fairly obvious what exactly they were taking pictures of. The first instance was when one of the guys asked the show girl to pose a bit for a picture. At first I thought that sure it’s ok to take a few shots of the show girls along with the cars. But the second time I saw that type of guys really made me laugh inside. They were in a line taking pictures of a show girl posing at the side of a car. Judging from the angle of the shots they were taking, I could tell that the main focus of the pictures they were taking is the show girl. The car turned into a backdrop for the beautiful girl that’s supposed to attract people to the cars for potential customers. One of them was even kneeling down to get a better angle for his shot. The main reason why this made me laugh is the fact that the event is a car expo, to showcase brand new cars and not girls.

I believe that car expos can bring people closer to each other. It breaks down the barrier between the higher and lower class people. Different types of people gather in car expos. Money doesn’t matter here, as long as you have enough to buy a ticket to enter. If I was a little less groggy at the time, I could’ve observed more of the different types of people and cars as well.

Jose Paulo E. Alcantara – 110109 – SA 21 A


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