Where Equality Happens

13 May

 “Hey, Chiong! We’re going to be late!”

“We’ll arrive just in time. Trust me.”

We really thought we were late for something really awesome and worth an experience. Well, who wouldn’t think that Laffline is such a place far different from any other bars, right? We were like, “What the heck is this place? We can’t stop ourselves from laughing.” This is a true story. We really couldn’t stop ourselves from laughing out loud, as in literally out loud. It was also possible that we just felt that way because it was our first time going to a comedy bar thus making us surprised about the whole experience. But who cares, all of us had fun. Well, almost because some of our classmates became victims of the entertainers.

Comedy Bars

Comedy bars are not usually part of the common hangout venues, most especially for males like the both of us. For all we know, the entertainers working here are homosexuals who might take advantage of us. Little did we know that by going to this place, we would learn a lot more than what we had expected.

We both noticed that the Laffline Comedy Bar was a little bit different compared to the other bars we had gone to. It had a stage where the entertainers joked around all night. Obviously, if it were not for these entertainers, the place would not get pretty crowded every night. There were tables and chairs instead of the open dance floor that could mostly be seen in your average bars.  It was made that way so that people could watch the performances more comfortably.

The Entertainers

After meeting our Sociology and Anthology class facilitator outside the venue, Sir Skilty Labastilla, we quickly went inside the Laffline Comedy Bar to see what was happening inside. We were not as hesitant to enter, as we would be if our classmates were not there. Even while we were just paying, we could already hear the loud uproars of the crowd to the jokes uttered by the entertainers.  We situated ourselves somewhere near the back because that was where we saw Chino, a friend from the other class, sitting. It was a wise decision actually because we found ourselves far from the possible danger of humiliation from the entertainers. In the front seats, an old man sat down with some of his friends. An “okay” spot if you mention it because you’re in front and you get to hear everything in HD. The only downside of it was he got teased often, as in, almost every minute. The horror in our faces when we heard all the banats about him being old and how the night should be really enjoyed because it might be his last and all the other things that would surely make a Chuckie (from Rugrats) cry. To be honest, the entertainers were very amusing because they gave very unique and unexpected jokes about almost everything you could think of. As far as we know, there were two batches of entertainers and in each batch, there were three gay people. Though there was an exception in the second batch because it consisted of two live and kicking gays and a legit girl.


Types of Humor

The entertainers spoke of Rated-18 stuff which made it somehow uncomfortable for both of us. They even explained that it was totally normal to be speaking of such words because it was something that everyone has and experiences. Well, that was something agreeable for both of us but we couldn’t help but flinch every time those things were said. As we stayed in the comedy bar, we kind of got used to the language so everything became a little more natural and funnier. Again, it just seemed funnier for us because we were not the ones that were made fun of, mostly. Because, who wouldn’t laugh at something so insulting but so true. Likewise, who would be very happy if you get insulted a thousand times, right? Well, the thousand times was obviously an exaggeration but believe us, it feels exactly like that when you get targeted by the all-knowing entertainers in Laffline. We know, because we experienced it once while we were there but, thank God, it wasn’t as worse as the experience of the others. When we came to think of the whole joke stuff uttered by these comedians, we saw that the line between classes, social statuses, and other discriminating factors did not exist in the place. It was like everything felt light inside. No seniorities, no professions, no labels, no nothing. The people inside the comedy bar were treated equally.

Types of People

Surprisingly, this comedy bar has also been a place for family gatherings. One family, who was interviewed by one of the entertainers, was celebrating the birthday of their son. Others who were seen in the bar were balikbayans who did not mind sitting in front and being subject to numerous jokes. Even old people could be seen in the comedy bar, enjoying themselves. One elderly male, who was sitting with the balikbayans from Los Angeles, received most of the jokes the whole night as we have said earlier but he took all of them without showing a hint of anger. The most surprising instance however, was that of the number of couples who decided to go to a comedy bar for their Saturday night date. 

People who were in attendance were all very game and interactive to the gay comedians. There was even a “barkada” of some sorts composed of women who we suppose are already in their 60’s who went and were greeted by mocking them reading the “Pasyon” which is sung every Holy Week especially in the provinces. The party of the balikbayans who were sitting in the front even bantered with the entertainers on a lot of circumstances. It seemed to us that a comedy bar really is a place for people of different shapes and sizes. In the end, they will be treated equally anyway.

After the experience, we could say that everyone in attendance that night were seen as equals by the entertainers, no one left the bar feeling bad. As student, we could say that this experience was truly one of a kind and something that really taught us a valuable lesson. Up to this moment, one question still keeps ringing in our ears, why can’t the world be like a comedy bar wherein everyone is equal, where no one is above others?



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