First Time

05 Oct

Are you familiar with the feeling of doing something for the first time ever? Doesn’t it make you nervous? Doesn’t it make you conscious of yourself especially when what you’re about to try involves a lot of people?

I have felt this way lately.

Yes, I tried something for the first time just a few weeks ago.

I attended a party for the first time in my teenage life.

I think I’m a very boring person. I spend most of my time reading, listening to music, painting and watching television series at home. My type of lakwacha (Is my spelling correct?) is going to the mall, watching a movie, eating and going to the arcade. The latest I get home is 12 midnight. I don’t go to parties because I like creating my own noise in my own place of choosing. Clubs are too loud for me. Aside from that, I don’t drink. I’ve tasted a few alcoholic beverages. Didn’t like any…ooh, except for the Baileys Panna Cotta I ate not too long ago. Other than that, I’ve never really drank any alcoholic beverage.

My type of lakwacha. (Pardon my wrong spelling.)


Hanging out in bathrooms is also a favorite of mine. Jk. 😛


Why did I even go to a party? 

Pandora “Unleash Your Dark Side”


Well, my home org had a “games night” called “Pandora”, and I volunteered to be part of the creatives committee. I wanted to show my support, so I attended the party.

And so I found myself at the reception area of Scarlet in Bonifacio Global City. I showed my ticket to the receptionist and walked up the stairs to where the action was going to take place. I brought my cousin along because he’s used to the party scene. Actually, my cousin and I were quite early, and by that I mean an hour early. I immediately saw the other early attendees and my orgmates who were setting up the venue. They all looked dressed for the occasion. I felt underdressed in my jeans, tube top and jacket. I found it quite funny, though. They dressed up and went to a place where the lights were not bright. My orgmates told us to get drinks. The bartender asked me to choose between a clear drink and blue liquid in a shot glass. I didn’t know what to choose, so I went with the normal-looking one, the clear drink. I got myself a drink just because I wanted to. Besides, the drinks were included in the ticket cost. Kailangan sulitin! My cousin, Michael, told me the drink wasn’t strong. It was Sprite with just a hint of vodka. It tasted weird. I can’t really describe the taste. At first I was reluctant to drink it, but I remembered the price I paid, so I drank it.

People were introducing themselves to each one. They were chatting about things like school and partying. They didn’t run out of things to talk about. They laughed at the same jokes; they knew the same people. I swear,it felt like they have known each one for a long time already.

As soon as the place was nearly full, the program started. Everyone had their drinks in hand while playing the games. My cousin and I participated in the games. I actually enjoyed playing. Oh, and my group won! 😀

I got myself another glass of Sprite mixed with vodka even though my first drink wasn’t finished yet. Para masulit talaga binayad ko. The place started serving pizza, and because of the same reason I have for getting another drink, I ate a couple of slices. One of my orgmates introduced my cousin and I to a group of college students from different schools. We sat with them, and it felt really awkward at first, but they were friendly and they talked to us. Michael was sociable himself (Thank God I brought him with me.) He engaged in a conversation with our “table mates” and the awkwardness disappeared. At the end of the night, I was chatting with two Koreans and a guy from UST. I found out the Koreans and I had mutual friends! They are schoolmates with two of my batchmates from CSA. It’s such a small world!

Michael and I went home at 12:30am. He was complaining about us going home early. He said the night had just begun. Nighttime, exactly the reason why I wanted to go home. It was time for me to do what I do at night, sleep.

I realized parties aren’t that bad. People meet other people in parties, expanding their networks which is beneficial especially in the business world. Parties are also a way for people, specifically students, to get out of their sleep-study cycle, forget about whatever’s troubling them, and just have fun. I saw how the attendees of Pandora seized the night. They drank to their hearts’ content; they smoked their lungs out; they danced the night away and they didn’t care about the world outside of Scarlet. What mattered to them was how much fun they were having during that time an in that place. Somehow, they made me want to experience going to a party again. They were giving off ecstatic vibes that were too strong to ignore. They made me want to stay there even for a just a while longer.

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