Frankie’s (first) Night Out!

05 Oct

by Sophia Francesca Z. Espinosa

The last time I went to a comedy bar I was 10. I remember sleeping in the bar because it was way past my bedtime and besides, I could not care less what the gays in colorful outfits were saying. Their jokes weren’t benta to me at all, probably because I did not get them. After eight years I go back to Laffline, the very same comedy bar I went to with my family eight years back. I was excited to experience what it is like watching a gay show now that I’m older, and hopefully more responsive to the jokes.

It a whole week of tests and requirements and I was very much looking forward to a stress-relieving weekend. After cheering relentlessly for Ateneo’s basketball team Saturday afternoon (I would have to say though, La Salle did a great job trying), I surprisingly still had energy by 9 PM. So far, my Saturday was great. It was 9:30 PM when I got to Laffline. I was wearing what I would call my “NSTP get-up”:  shirt, pants, rubber shoes, and a backpack. I know that isn’t the right outfit for a Saturday night out, but who can blame me? I was trying to keep a low profile since I commuted to Araneta earlier that day. Yes, I am a bit paranoid when it comes to getting held up, so in addition to looking like a grade schooler, I also did not bring any extra money. So there I was waiting for my friends to come, looking like a lost child. As if we were having a meeting, the waiters gathered around me asking if my friends were really coming, if I knew how to get back home, etc. I appreciated their keeping me company. Laffline waiters really make sure their customers are comfortable, and for that they get a thumbs up from me! After around 20 minutes my friends finally came. Thank God! I was almost tearing up because I would not know how to get home without my friends.

As the show began I was a bit uncomfortable with the gays using vulgar words and a lot of profanity even to the customers, whom they made fun of. To add to that, the gays were insisting that they touch the penis of one of the customers! (O.o) I seriously wished they would not set eyes on me because I wasn’t really on the mood for some panlalait. Some of their green jokes made me a little uncomfortable since I’m the type who was not exposed to that in high school (I came from a VERY Christian school). Oh and I have never drank alcohol in my life, I have not gone to any legit college party. Yes, this Laffline experience was my very first night out with friends that went beyond 11 PM (yay for me!). It was not so bad, I did enjoy the show despite a few awkward moments.  In all fairness, the gays and the lady performers were exceptionally talented. By 12 midnight, I was already a little drunk. I use the word drunk because whenever I get really sleepy, I’m just as good as drunk. The cigarette smoke was not helping at all either. I’m very sensitive when it comes to smoke, so pretty much the whole time I had a sheet of tissue paper over my nose.

A few people worth remembering that night was this one gay who can sing Celine Dion that just left me awestruck, another one was a decent looking-gay that claimed to be an alumnus of Ateneo. Honestly, I did not know how I felt that time, I am pretty sure it wasn’t pride. He was good in German though, I would give him that.  Despite the fact that my mind was already floating by 1:30 AM, I was entertained because apparently, the show was just about to start at that time. They were just getting warmed up. Unfortunately, we had to leave at 2AM, just when the talent was getting real. On our way out we met Chokoleit, he was the main event. Sadly we could not stay any longer.

Even though we were only able to watch the opening acts until the middle, I felt that it was worth the money (The ticket was a bit pricey for a student like me 😥 ). Laffline was a great place to have our “fieldtrip” especially since in Sociology and Anthropology we mostly talk about diverse cultures and it was not every day that you get to encounter cross-dressers. I guess the key to appreciate their culture is to go with the flow and try not to overreact when they do something you generally consider disgusting and you’ll see that in the end, they give a good show and are deserving of every applause they get. As for me, I was expecting that their acts would be somewhat R-18. True enough, they were R-18, but it was coupled with amazing talent so I guess for that, they deserve my salutation. I mean if I had the chance to watch one of their shows again, i definitely will! 😀

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